What Made Me Gain Weight?

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How Did Your Gain Weight In The First Place?

There are many ways that people gain weight.

Maybe you’re thinking: "Of course I know why I gained weight. It’s just from eating too much and exercising too little!” But you would be wrong.

New research is coming out daily that is finally breaking the lock-hold on MYTH-information from the Diet Industry that makes BILLIONS of dollars convincing you that something is wrong with you because you weigh more than others.

This is how the Diet Industry blames you for being fat:

  • You ate too much
  • You didn’t exercise enough
  • You ate too much sugar
  • You ate too many carbs

Actual Facts About How You Gained Weight

This is what UNBIASED research is showing:

  • Weight is mostly related to inherited characteristics – just like your hair color and height
  • Weight gain as an adult is highly correlated with Abuse, neglect and humiliation as a very young child (birth- 6 years old) read about the ACE STUDY
  • Exercise (excess) is stressful for your body and doesn’t contribute to permanent loss
  • 95% of ALL TYPES OF DIETS, lifestyle changes, restricting any food groups (carbs, sugar) results in regaining weight within 2 months to two years.
  • Lack of sleep can cause weight gain (it’s stressful)
  • Socio-economically deprived people weigh more than the 1% (except Oprah)
  • Suffering from Chronic and “serial” STRESS- being poor, unemployed, abused, struggling economically, lonely, humiliated can damage your metabolism (thyroid disease)
  • Negative thoughts about your body and self cause stress that affects your metabolismThyroid conditions are the most under diagnosed and under-treated diseases out of every disorderFat people are discriminated against by their doctors (even when their doctor is heavy)
  • Being heavier than what the insurance actuary tables show can actually increase your lifespan, rather than shorten it. Just because you weigh more, doesn’t mean you will have more illness or diseases.
  • Many Type2 Diabetics are thin (and stressed)

If you look at the foundational problem of weight gain that unbiased newer research is showing, it boils down to this:

You were unhappy with your body
and you started to restrict certain foods or limit your food intake. Hating your body is stressful and puts you in a revolving door of dieting and weight gain. 

revolving door of dieting-lose weight-gain weight - diet again

Diversity in Body Shape and Weight

Dieting From Low Self-Esteem

We are ALL different – and that diversity is what is interesting about each one of us! You don’t need to conform to what society’s preference of the decade is. Be yourself: everyone else is taken!

“I have to be on a diet” mindset lowers your self-esteem and contributes to a victim mentality. “Needing” to lose weight puts your mind into a belief system that something is wrong with your body and you! That negative self-esteem contributes to stress which then sabotages your metabolism! And stress alone can make you GAIN weight!

I’m a BIG tennis fan. I'm sure  that most people will know about the famous Williams sisters: Venus and Serena. I am telling you that Serena (the shorter, muscular sister) could diet for the rest of her life, but she will NEVER have Venus’ ectomorphic tall, slender more boy-like body!

father and son have the same body type - heredity

Are YOU trying to change something that you cannot change? And are you doing it because society has a preference for a certain body type for women? Well, it’s time you face reality. You cannot please everyone in the world – nor should you try! I’m still hoping that one day, Feminism will be back in style and women will throw out their high heels, low cut tops, tight yoga pants that sexualize their body for attention. Men don’t do that stuff. And you still find them sexy, correct? You still want to be able to wear those clothes to show off your body? It's time to re-evaluate your mindset.

You MUST learn to accept yourself and your body now! 

different body types of Williams sisters tennis players
women's 3 body types

My mother-in-law was always heavy. She would tell me so often that she never over-ate. Every time I touched her hand she was cold to the touch. Are your hand and feet frequently cold? Do you always feel cold? You may have a thyroid problem that has never been properly diagnosed. My mother-in-law did have hypothyroid! But even being treated properly for thyroid disease will not assure that you will lose weight.

Needing to be Thin

Women have to realize that there are more important things in life than your appearance. Men are falling into that trap as well. And the Diet Industry is laughing all the way to the bank. 

Some people can eat all they want and never gain an ounce. I write about my friend Yolanda who can eat more than a Sumo-Wrestler and never gain an ounce. Other people eat nothing and seem to be pudgy to fat. Our bodies are all different. And you read above how most of the shape and size of our body is due to genetically inherited body type! You can't fight Mother Nature and win for long! You can lose weight, but you will regain it, no matter how hard you struggle. It's natural, and the sign of a healthy body bringing you back to a weight set point. The more you diet, the higher that set point becomes!

STRESS is a Major Cause of Weight Gain

With this information, I hope you will realize that blaming yourself for gaining weight, or not being able to maintain weight loss is NOT YOUR FAULT.

Most people can remember a stressful time or event that occurred in their lives at the time when their weight started increasing. You don’t get overweight because you eat too much, you eat too much because you are stressed! Eating “comfort food” is our body’s attempt to deal with stress – it’s just a symptom you are stressed.

If you had terrible headaches from a migraine and kept taking pain killers, you realize that NOT going to make the headaches go away. Painkillers are treating a symptom- not the cause. Just like dieting is treating the symptom (binge eating, emotional eating) and not the cause- which is STRESS! In order to stop emotional eating, you MUST deal with the stress that’s causing it! 

so many things that make us feel stressed

Inner Balance (type of) Bio-Feedback Device

Is Chronic STRESS making you overweight?

Everyone has stress sometimes. But some people cope with stress better than others. For those people who can’t manage stress, their lives can be filled with both physical symptoms, unhappiness- AND even WEIGHT GAIN!

What triggers your stress? Your body’s emotional and physical reaction to stress was designed by nature to be short-term to save your life and escape from predators and danger. But then the stress reaction was supposed to stop quickly! The problem is that the way we live our modern lives, stress has become chronic and never turns off: worrying about paying bills on time, relationship problems, working with a boss that’s driving you crazy; caregiver burnout, lack of sleep, listening to the news, driving in traffic, hating your body… Your response to stress can end up being worse that the actual thing that is causing your stress! Chronic stress will make you sick and even fat!

Biofeedback device for stress relief- Inner Balance

Manage Stress To Stop Stress Eating

Ok, you can try to do different stress relief techniques, but how do you know if they are actually working? They may stop the stressful emotions you’re feeling right then and there, but do they make you more resilient- so that the things that set you off no longer have power over you? Probably not.

That’s where the EmWave2 Personal Stress Reliever (and the Inner Balance that works on your iPhone and Android) differ from all other stress relief methods. You LEARN in the moment that you are changing your response to stress. AND, with daily practice (I’ll help you with that) it makes more “easy going” and less reactive to things that used to stress you out!

It can relieve your stress right in the moment so you won't be heading to the refrigerator or panty to stress eat. Read more about it and see how well it works! 

Free Coaching With Purchase of Inner Balance or EmWave2

With the confirmed purchase of either the Inner Balance or EmWave2 you will receive training on the HeartMath site for how to use your device. But since I've been a licensed HeartMath coach since 2000 (!) I will also offer you a half-hour free training to get the most from your use of the device to help you with stopping stress eating! Make sure to contact me to set up your free coaching appointment. 

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