Roundup’s GM Canola Oil

You want to be healthy and a good weight for your body. So much nutritional information about what constitutes healthy foods is completely contradictory. Vegetarians will insist that eating meat will clog your arteries, while Paleo followers will tell you that if you eat like a caveman (free range meat, no grains) that will help you lose weight and have perfect health. Can they both be right?

The fact of the matter is, people all over the planet eat different traditional foods, and food that is available where they live. If their ancestors have lived there for generations, there is probably a good chance that you can eat that type of food and maintain good health. However, some people who follow the traditional way of eating can thrive while others can become sick from eating those foods.

How do you make a good decision about what food is healthy for you?

Do you think you are eating a healthy diet because you have organic foods? You may still be brainwashed by the Diet/Food/Medical Matrix! Well remember when the USDA told us that butter was no good for us, and to eat margarine instead?

In Natural News, author Paul Fassa says that margine is as healthy as “melted plastic”, and many doctors have finally come around to admitting this is the truth. But it sure is hard to get them to learn about the latest findings in nutrition. Well, if you are purchasing foods with Canola Oil in them, you are eating a pretty poor excuse for oil. Can -ola: the name comes from the country of origin: Canada! It’s GM: Genetically modified with Monsanto’s Roundup! Yes, you may be spending good money on what you believe is good food (salad dressing, healthy root chips for example)- but if there’s Canola oil in it, think again!

Get yourself some wonderful Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil! Great for cooking, saturated Omega 3 – great for your health, and weight!  Eat Butter and don’t believe the Big Fat Lie and needing Low Fat!! These healthy fats are what you need to prevent cardiovascular disease and many other chronic conditions. But you’ve been told for so long to eat “low fat” and “heart healthy” foods, that you’re brain has been Hijacked! Read, Learn more and Get Empowered! A great site for separating MYTH-information from fact is

Good fats are so good for you. And they make food taste better, and keep you full longer. So only skip the Omega 6(66) version and go for Omega 3 oils.

These “bad” Omega 6 oils may be “ground zero” as the culprit that has made people overweight and sick. You won’t be able to totally avoid Omega 6, because it’s in practically everything. But it’s the amount that is important. Here’s some good news: Lobster is the food with the lowest Omega 6, and Highest Omega 3 ratio! That sounds good to me!

And just consider this: because Omega 6 is a vegetable oil, you think eating vegetables is totally healthy? Dr. Ray Peat calls vegetable “foliage”. No, I’m not suggesting you forgo your veggies, but BALANCE is the key here. Have a LOT more Omega 3 than 6. But remember, the more you eat out, the more you’re getting these bad oils. And if your metabolism is slow, raw vegetables are going to be very difficult for you to digest, and that’s no good! If your body is giving you a symptom, LISTEN to it! Gas, pain, indigestion means: don’t eat it! Your body won’t lie to you! It tells you when you are hungry, and when you are full. If you pay attention and follow your body’s directions, you’ll be the right weight!

The most important thing is: don’t stress over what you eat. Because if you are chronically stressed, it doesn’t matter what you eat. You won’t be healthy!

So avoid the bad oil as much as you can, and eat the good stuff that you enjoy!

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