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New Book Released: Courage Under Siege

Courage Under Siege, a new book compilation of women authors (I’m one of them) is released today on Amazon. Eleven women authors have written their stories of hardship and adversity and how they not only endured, but learned important life lessons in the process.

I wrote about my diet battles- decades of believing there was something wrong with my body, and trying EVERY damn diet out there, only to fail at losing weight. In fact, the end of dieting for me was a discovery that all along the Diet Industry had manipulated me and made me a real “loser”:  losing money, losing time, losing self-respect, but NOT losing (maintaining) any weight loss – because that’s nearly impossible.  But this story is what I gained after I discovered the lies women dieters were told by skinny Diet Gurus and the diet industry that made $60 BILLION a year hoping for us to fail and buy again. My discovery put me on the path to save others from this losing battle. I want to help to keep  younger women (and men) from the same miserable journey I went on for years.

The stories in Courage Under Siege are interesting- but what it can do for you is to make you realize YOUR courage – to really discover what YOU have done in your life that took great effort and made you who you are…. Discover YOUR inner hero! And I hope your inner hero tells you that you are perfect RIGHT NOW, even if your body doesn’t conform to society’s standards of beauty or perfection.

It’s only 99 cents for a very short time on Amazon. If you don’t have a kindle, you can read it on your computer or tablet.

If you like it, please review it!

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