Is Being Fat Going To Kill You?

Fat Shaming is more dangerous to your health than being overweight!
I write answers to people who are suffering the effects of fat shaming. I got so angry when I read the original article and then the responses of fat shaming commenters. UGHHHHHHH! Let me at them!

Answer: Why do some people think they have the right to criticize and shame other people?? It infuriates me even more when their criticism is based on IGNORANCE culled from reading biased and fake science magazine articles paid for by the DIET Industry – which is all too happy to have you feel miserable about your body so you’ll go on another diet- and regain the weight again!! SHAME on anyone who thinks they are better than you, and that THEY can teach you how to be like them!! These people are MEAN AND SHALLOW. (I can’t wait to read their responses to this! And I don’t care, because I don’t respect people who shame other people)

So here are FACTS. Being thin, even 5 pounds underweight is more dangerous than being 75 pounds OVERWEIGHT. This is according to actuary tables from insurance companies that don’t want to lose money. This is according to all FACTUAL information from government studies. But the thing is, the Diet Industry LIES because they make BILLIONS of dollars scaring people into believing that fat is illness. IT IS NOT!

And unfortunately, people who are heavier are treated with so much scorn and derision that it makes their lives a misery and stressful. So they diet- and cause their metabolisms to slow down even more, and actually it CAUSES eventual regaining the weight lost!

Furthermore, there are genetics involved here. Just like you inherit your hair color, you generally inherit body frame from your parents. Other fascinating studies show that twins/triplets separated at birth and raised by different families end up being the same weight as each other in adulthood – despite eating differently, being in different environments, etc. There are MANY reasons that some people are heavier than others- but they mostly revolve around stress.

genetics affect weight obvious in father and son

Perhaps people who blame people for being overweight should instead consider that thin people are predisposed to their weight, just as overweight people are. Being heavy is NOT a personality flaw. Do you call tall people names (other than basketball player) and blame them for needing bigger seats and more space? Why do we do this to heavier people? It is NOT the fault of the person who is heavy. And the diet industry, in large measure is to blame for prescribing a “treatment”- a DIET for being overweight that actually CAUSES the very problem they pretend to be trying to fix.

Bottom line- get fit, because that’s the thing that will make you live the longest, healthiest life- and appreciate the body you have – and ignore ANYONE who tells you otherwise because they are ignorant, mean spirited or have a hidden agenda!

What do you think?


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