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Can You Heal Yourself From Stress?

I am recovering from the worst back pain I’ve suffered in my life. I’ve actually had a challenging back my entire adult life- from when I was very thin to now when I’m not! I’m mostly an active person and LOVE playing tennis. I take great pride in my “pronated” and strong serve and can even “ace” men – even at my age.? I play on a tennis team.

But all that came to an abrupt halt after something gave way in my back. After an MRI, doctors reported that I had a herniated disc along with 3 other bulging discs and other not so great stuff going on in my back. Two out of 3 doctors told me I needed back surgery. It was FRIGHTENING along with the pain. Being afraid is stressful and actually worsened my condition. When I was finally  able to control my stress response is when I started healing!

Miracle Healing is NOT Woo-Woo

Healing comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s from the medication and treatment that your doctor prescribes. Other times, your doctor’s diagnosis can make you sicker and there are many documented cases where people who were misdiagnosed actually died from a disease they didn’t have!

What makes the difference? It’s belief in your ability to heal. And now there is scientific proof that your attitude, beliefs, intentions and prayers DO make a difference in your ability to heal from practically ANYTHING.

Let me tell you what happened to me… In the midst of this terrible pain, a friend arrived after attending a conference called Science and Spirituality. He was so excited about what happened in the conference. He was so kind and generous and bought me two books from the presenters. He didn’t even know how I was suffering at the time! But his timing was perfect. I jumped right into the book by Lynne McTaggart: “The Power of 8”.

Healing with The Power of 8

Synchronicity and Healing

As I read The Power of 8, I was amazed that I personally knew two important people written about in the book! I felt as if the book was talking to me. It seemed like synchroncity – The simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. These kind of events happen a lot in our lives, but then you say it’s “just” coincidence… But what if it’s not? What if it’s truly a healing delivery system that is MEANT to show you that all things are possible?  And in my case, that’s what happened.

The Power of 8 accelerated my healing. My back is almost back to normal- but I plan to use these methods to get it BETTER than before. I definitely don’t ever want to have a similar experience.

And one of the most exciting things that I’ve learned from the book is that you have the ability in that group of 8 people to put out an “intentional ask” to the universe, God, or whatever your belief system is FOR OTHERS to heal! And there are documented effects that have been nothing short of miraculous! The icing on the cake is this: there is a rebound effect… so when you are putting your intention to help someone else, you too have a positive change in your life. If you’re not sick, it can change other aspects and improve them for you, just by helping others.

Controlling Stress and Your Weight

If you’ve read on this site, you’ll see that stress is one of the strongest contributing factor to weight gain. I’m encouraging you to use the Power of 8 intentions to help you control the stress and help you with your weight. I’d love to hear how it works for you. It’s not just as simple as asking…. but the book explains it all. You can also check out Lynne McTaggart’s website and read her other books as well. She is a well respected journalist who makes sure the evidence backs up any claims that people make.

Share Your Story

Sharing seems to be one of the strongest driving forces in The Power of  8 people to help people change their lives. I’ve been sharing information that I’ve been reading, and telling people: you HAVE TO read this book! You may be able to get it in the library – but it would definitely be worth it to purchase it for yourself and share it with a potential group that you establish.

Please write and let me know how it has worked for you!

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