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If you look in the mirror, and are disgusted with your body and use negative criticism for what you see, you may be sabotaging your efforts to lose weight. Hating and blaming your body is like attacking yourself. New research is showing that these attitudes and negative mindset can contribute to making you overweight, and even have an effect in creating “autoimmune disease”. Those are diseases where they body attacks itself! Your body is simply responding to your thoughts and emotions in a literal manner!

Did you ever mistakenly blame someone for doing something for which they weren’t responsible? You probably felt awful when you found out that it wasn’t their fault, and YOU were mistaken. It probably took a toll on your friendship, and took time until the “trust factor” was rebuilt. In truth, the words we say have long lasting impact, and despite apologies, those words can never be “unheard”.

Unfortunately, most people blame their body and themselves for getting overweight, and for regaining the weight after struggling and starving on a diet. You tell yourself that you are to blame for your lack of discipline. You think something is wrong with you; that maybe your metabolism is slow. Maybe you’ve even gone to doctors who do tests to see why you are having trouble losing or maintaining your weight loss. You’ve probably spent lots of money on diets, special diet foods and supplements. Maybe you’ve tried a bunch of diet plans, movie star diets, exercise plans. But none of them worked. You’re not alone.

95{5b8e831512cf0c284f7edae7fc403e9a09e5b1736c5b1d60e4451a29dc064ebe} of all dieters regain their hard lose weight within a few months to a couple of years

What you are not realizing is it’s not your body’s fault. Your body is not punishing you; it’s actually working as nature intended to keep you healthy and safe! When you cut back on calories, and increase your level of exercise, it puts your body into a state of stress the affects your metabolism and slows it down. This is nature’s protective strategy to keep your body alive in times of starvation and low food availability.

And if you go on a diet and “can’t” maintain the discipline, or stop responding to the food cravings, it is part of your body’s natural reaction as well! So STOP blaming yourself! Your negative feelings only play into this stress response, which is part of the vicious cycle started by dieting. Research done by highly respected scientist who studied the influence of diet on health, has shown that cutting back on calories produces changes in your brain that you cannot control! In his “Starving Experiment” all of the things for which you blame yourself were found in ALL participants in his study where men were on caloric restricted diets. Now don’t you think:

  • It’s time to stop blaming yourself for lack of discipline?

– You’re fighting the natural response from your brain to focus you on food

  • It’s time to stop blaming yourself for getting overweight in the first place?

– Gaining weight is a response to stress. You don’t over-eat because you are hungry and eat too much; you over-eat because you are attempting to make yourself feel better with “comfort food”.

  • It’s time to stop yourself from dieting

– Because dieting just slows down your metabolism, and puts you in a yo-yo  cycle of losing, and then naturally regaining the weight to bring you back to your set point. Dieting sabotages weight loss.

So if dieting isn’t going to help you lose weight, HOW can you get back to a healthier weight? Sign up for my free report and get the “skinny” of how Nature’s solution works to get you to your perfect weight- all WITHOUT DIETING! Because the best diet is one you are NOT on!

Make-It-So-Signature  Do you have issues with your body image? Think about it, and see if it was the thing that precipitated your original weight gain! Please share if you benefitted from this blog. Thanks!

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