Are you ignoring this warning in your body?

If the Check Engine light was on in your car, would you go to a mechanic to remove the light? Would you put a bandaid over it so you didn’t notice it the bright warning light? That’s what going on a diet is doing in your body. You are ignoring the underlying reasons for your weight gain. The causes for over-eating are generally Stress, Stress or Stress! And the causes for your depressed metabolism that makes it hard to lose weight, and nearly impossible to keep it off are Stress, Stress and Stress.

Stress, for the rest of the animal kingdom is the result of Fight or Flight. Animals escape or are lunch, and the stress is gone immediately. The stress reaction gave them the ability to get away. In humans, it’s a totally different story.

Humans have chronic stress: traffic stress, paying the bills stress, too busy stress, taking care of others stress, I can’t zip up my pants stress, and on and on. Or they’ll have “serial stress” – one stressor after another,  like death from a thousand paper cuts. Either way, your body’s continued reaction to stress is making your sick: thinning your bones & muscles, slowing digestion and your metabolism, making it harder for you to avoid illness, impairing your ability to think clearly and make good decisions, and so much more. Your body’s reaction to the stress is worse than the original stressor! And just think about it: You CHOOSE what you see as stress, and your attitude towards it.

Stress and Gaining Weight

People don’t over-eat because they are hungry. There is an emotional reason that is causing them to seek “comfort food” as the drug of choice to deal with stress. The result of eating during a stressful time is a slower than normal metabolism, over-eating and eventual weight gain.

Your body’s Check Engine light is warning you when you start putting on some pounds in the way of belly fat, or find yourself eating when you’re not hungry, check you stress levels.

Manage stress, and the light will go off, and the pounds will go down. If you are covering up your warning light with a bandaid, you’ll be buying larger sized clothes, and that will the beginning of other problems.

So pay attention: Be mindful, and take care of your stress before you need to buy a new larger sized wardrobe.

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