Wish you had something that would eat your fat cells that grow like weeds?

Damn weeds- they keep coming back! You can spray, cut them down, even pull them out by the roots. But they spread like magic… Kind of like your fat cells?

Some people are still successful at “dieting” to lose weight: when you can lose the weight with the fast diet plans that you keep seeing advertised. Or, if you are young enough, and haven’t dieted too many times, maybe you got down to your target weight. Congratulations! Ugh… I hate to tell you this, the VAST majority of people are going to have the weight creep back on.

Yes, what the Diet Industry doesn’t tell you is that 95{5b8e831512cf0c284f7edae7fc403e9a09e5b1736c5b1d60e4451a29dc064ebe} of people are going to gain it back PLUS ADDITIONAL Weight!

  • You worked your ass off (literally)
  • You starved
  • didn’t eat your own birthday cake
  • watched your friends eat delicious food while you ate low fat or worse: NO-fat salad dressing….
  • AND you worked hard: sweated, pulled muscles you never knew you had.

But the nightmare begins… the weight starts creeping back. It’s almost happening invisibly at first. You can hardly believe it, and get back into the deprivation mode, and feel horrible guilt and STRESS for “letting yourself go” once again. Believe me, I know. I’ve been there, done it… 

If you are REALLY into torturing yourself, you get on the scale daily. If you are being REALLY honest, maybe you even get on the scale multiple times a day (nervous lol). And you get scared. You bought yourself these nice new clothes, and you DON’T want to have to wear your fat clothes again. You don’t want that weight you worked so hard to lose to come back!

I hate to tell you, but this happens to the majority of people even if you STAY the course– eating your tasteless, uninteresting food, and exercising until you feel ready to drop. In fact, that’s what happens to rats put into the analogous situation. They gain the weight back – eating the same food, and running on their treadmills even faster!  Hint: It’s NOT YOUR FAULT!!

Don’t you want to be able to eat like a normal person? Don’t you just want to forget about food for once and for all? Don’t you want to stop judging yourself as “good” or “bad” depending upon what food you put into your mouth the last meal, day, week, etc.?

Get out of the Yo-Yo cycle and discover the

Top 10 Mistakes You are Making that Sabotage your Weight Loss

This is a FREE Webinar that will EMPOWER you, so you won’t fall for the newest “Miracle Diet”, pill, diet plan, exercise plan, surgery, spray, hormone, food, etc…!

Just think of all the time and money you will save when you never fall victim for another empty promise that builds you up, only to make you feel guilty for failing and even more overweight than before you started!

Join me: July 26,

at 1 pm (Pacific time)


Be prepared to take notes because you will be amazed to find out:

  • The diet foods you have been told to eat are actually MAKING you gain weight, and crave sweets.
  • The Big Fat Lie that is making it hard for your brain to function properly, can lower your ability to concentrate and making you “stupid”.
  • Why exercise is not going to make you thin.
  • That the blood test to see if your thyroid gland is working DOESN’T! And you may be physically UNABLE to lose weight until you do this easy self-test.
  • Why losing weight fast is a recipe for disaster.
  • Discover why eating like your friend who eats anything and doesn’t gain weight can be in YOUR future!


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What’s the worst diet YOU’ve ever gone on?

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