Why won’t this scale budge?

If You Can’t Lose Weight and Keep it Off for good,

this Webinar is for YOU

  • Are you upset with the way you look?
  • Are you blaming yourself for having gained the weight in the first place,
  • Have you dieted, lost the weight, and it came back- and now you blame yourself for lack of discipline?
  • Are you angry with yourself because you can’t keep up with an exercise program?

Well I have some news for you. Gaining weight was definitely precipitated by something going on in your life that changed the way your body was responding to or your relationship with food. Just try to remember what was happening in your life when you gained weight. If you dieted and lost weight, but it’s come back, PLUS additional weight, there’s a reason for it.

I want to free you from DIETING;

from the blame and self-disgust, embarrassment, and even fear.

That’s why I’m sharing

The Top 10 Countdown of Mistakes that Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

July 26, 2012

1 pm Pacific Time

And, if you have your own questions, please fill out the form, and I’ll address

those issues on the call.

Don’t miss it –

Get free from the lies that make eating a constant battle,

and start to eat to live, not live to eat!

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