doctor checks the mind to understand the body

the mind explains what the body expresses

Mind/Body Medicine, the relationship between what you think (and feel) and how your body reacts is an accepted concept nowadays even with most traditional doctors. When you see your doctor with high blood pressure, besides a pill, they will tell you to “de-stress”.

But although many doctors see the relationship in other areas of medicine, it’s primarily ignored by doctors who tell you, to lose weight all you have to do is eat less and exercise more.

Nothing could be further from the truth. That’s why 95{5b8e831512cf0c284f7edae7fc403e9a09e5b1736c5b1d60e4451a29dc064ebe} of people who diet and exercise end up losing weight for a while, but gain it back within a few months to a couple of years. And they also get an addition of “punishment pounds” for going on a diet in the first place.

The reason that the weight is regained is not just because you go “off” your diet. Within 48 hours of going on a diet, your body actually shifts your metabolism to slow to keep you from losing weight. This is an adaptive response in all mammals, that keeps them from starving in times of low food availability. And think about it, when you exercise, do you lose your appetite? NO! Mother Nature makes sure you are extra hungry (especially for carbs) to replenish the calories you burned off.

Why do some people gain weight in the first place?

Mind/Body medicine as well as the Law Of Attraction shows there is a strong component of MINDSET that shifts your weight. When someone comes to me for coaching when they can’t lose weight, I ask them: What happened in your life right before you started gaining weight?

The answer invariably has to do with stress: loss of a job, breakup of a relationship, some unhappiness has changed a person’s relationship with food. Many people start “treating” that stress by emotional eating. They are using food to fill the unhappiness in their life.  Listen to how the words literally explain their feelings, and becomes what their body looks like. They are “stuffing” their feelings. They can’t “stomach” what’s happening.

The Law of Attraction also has it’s part. People who are dieting are unhappy with their body, the way they look, and are focused on what they can’t have. This negative focus is attracting exactly what they don’t want: additional weight and continued stress.

Stress eating actually makes matters worse, because the weight gain then makes you upset with your body, and ashamed. When you’ve been told the only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more, the inevitable occurs. Your body slows down your metabolism, and extra weight is added. It’s a vicious cycle.

thin woman eating real food, while overweight woman eats rabbit food!

Thin people eat what they want and don’t focus on “shoudn’t”

Then there is an even more confused and frustrated group: those women who chronically under-eat, and still maintain their overweight. You see these frustrated overweight people eating salads while their thin friends are having dessert! Again, the Law Of Attraction is at work here. Continuously saying no to food you want, eating less, eating unpalatable foods, and exercising more has made the focus of your mindset the opposite of abundance, of nurturing your self and your body. And the things you resist persist!

So, how do you lose weight without dieting and exercise? It’s going to be very important to identify, and manage stress. And remember, if you are “managing” stress, that means that you are already stressed! The best way to deal with stress is NOT to have it. That means learning new ways managing your attitude, and not allowing small stuff to stress you! When there are larger issues, learn ways to manage it that don’t include “stuffing” your feelings. Speak your truths, and express your needs. Remember, there’s a connection between you Mind/Emotions and Body that is literal!

For other methods of managing your weight without dieting or over-exercising, I invite you to get my free report. Once you understand what dieting does to actually MAKE you overweight, you won’t fall for those new miracle pills and diet plans and make matters worse!



If you see the Mind/Body connection in your weight, you can help others by sharing how your handled the problem. If you know someone this article can help, please share it! Thanks!

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