Practically Everyday

Are you ashamed of your weight?

– a new diet plan

– a new diet book

– a new diet supplement

The only problem is dieting to lose weight doesn’t work that way.

Either the Diet Industry is lying to you, or they are completely ignorant. Weight loss is a complex area, and there are actually MANY reasons why people have gained weight in the first place! But the Diet Industry wants you to believe that losing weight is just a matter of:


“Eat Less and Exercise More” 

And in most cases, that is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what you need to do to lose weight!

Dieting practically guarantees that you will gain back the weight, and ADDITIONAL “punishment pounds” for going on a calorie restricted diet in the first place!

As if that’s not bad enough, the food recommendations made by the USDA has actually resulted in the obesity epidemic!

The food that they are telling you is healthy, in many cases, is exactly the opposite of what your body needs in order to lose weight!

The exercises that you told you to do actually makes your body plateau and NOT burn fat!


The entire concept of dieting is flawed- doesn’t work and can


And if it were so easy to lose weight,

why is there an epidemic of overweight people who lose weight and

gain it back over and over again?

  • If you are tired of wasting your money on new diets that don’t work – or they start working, and then you gain the weight back
  • If you are tired of trying to “exercise your  ass off”, only to find the weight returns

It’s time for you to learn the truth! 

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