Do I Look Fat in these Pants?

Women, young girls and teenagers are incredibly hard on themselves. We weren’t that way from birth. In fact, young children don’t compare their appearance to others. They kiss themselves in the mirror.

What changed that for you? Was it a parent who told you not to eat or you would get fat and not have friends? Was it a father who berated your mother for her “big caboose” (rounded butt)? Was it another child who received that criticism at home and passed it down to you?

Whatever got you focused on your weight may have been ground zero for starting you on the path to low self-esteem and dieting. So many women I work with tell me they started dieting when they were already “normal”- but felt they needed to be as thin as their favorite movie star.

The media, and the Diet Industry that makes $60 BILLION dollars a year on dieting is happy to have you as a chronic customer hating your body. Dieting actually CAUSES weight gain. It contributes to feeling of  low self-esteem, and low aspirations for your future. It  allows women to accept being paid less, seek to be the nurse rather than the doctor, and so many other self-imposed limitations in your life.

Watch this TED video- and realize it is up to YOU to reject society’s insistence that in order to be valued you have to be thin (too thin), and acceptable only if you are young and beautiful. (Look at commercials, media, movies, advertisement of all kind to see this is true.)

How can you stop this trend? First by being kind to yourself. With RADICAL self-acceptance, only using kind words of love and acceptance to describe yourself. Even if you don’t feel it- PRETEND until you do! “I CHOOSE to love and accept myself as I am right now” should be your mantra. Fake it till you make it!

It’s stress and self-hatred that makes us sick, unhappy and overweight. It’s up to you to take a different path. Take my self-evaluation and let’s get you started on the road to self-acceptance, stress relief, and weight management.



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