stick cartoon of female body hatred

It took me decades of stressful starving, over-exercising and self-blame to finally realize that I was being lied to by a Diet Industry that had me trapped into a yo-yo syndrome. It looked like this: Hate my body –>diet –>lose weight –> regain weight–>hate my body even more –>diet again….

Breaking out of that cycle took a lot of courage and persistence. I had to totally change my mindset, and let go of my belief system that the only way I’d be good enough was to control my eating so I’d be thin.

I am happy to tell you that I had a wonderful conversation about this journey with Matt Stone from 180Degree Health. You can listen to it here (the first month is free- and you’ll enjoy it so much, I know you’ll want to continue the subscription).

Perhaps this is your story as well- or maybe you are young enough to prevent this from becoming your life’s unhappy journey. Listening to our conversation may get you on the path to radical self-acceptance wherever you are now. Hear about how this is the first step to any permanent weight loss – releasing stress by not fighting your body and yourself. The things you resist, persist. Acceptance leads to transformation and unintentional permanent change.

Are you ready to stop focusing on your body as the center of the YOUniverse? Listen to the podcast, and get ready for my upcoming webinar to break through to stress free eating and self-acceptance.

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