Are you drinking TOO much water?

Are you drinking TOO much water?

Drink water! You can read tons of articles telling you how important it is to drink enough water. “You may be dehydrated”, “You need to drink water if you want to lose weight”. But WHO made these determinations that you have to drink, EVEN when you’re not thirsty?

Is it the same people who tell you only to eat a portion size that can be measured and weighed? Is it the same Diet Industry lies that tell you how to diet, but actually are teaching you how to get overweight??

Essentially what they are all telling you is: don’t trust your brain, don’t trust your sense of thirst; you don’t really know that you’re thirsty. Start drinking before you play sports, during sports and after sports. Drink, even when you’re not thirsty.

Everywhere you go you see people carrying around water bottles. And to make matters worse, that water is stored in plastic. Yes, that plastic leeches into your “pure” water and has been implicated as a “endocrine disruptor”! Your endocrine system controls your metabolism! So that water you’ve been told to drink to help you lose weight might actually be causing you to GAIN weight (and add toxins into your body)!

In fact, over hydrating can cause big problems when so much water is ingested that it drops the level of serum sodium in the blood! THAT can cause DEATH due to hypo-natraemia.

And then there’s been advertising and millions of dollars spent to get you to buy “sports drinks” such as Gatorade. A science journal has released a set of reports that has bashed all the advertisement that again is informing the “Conventional Wisdom” of those who fall for it. Apparently, companies had sponsored “scientists” who went about developing a “new area of science” dedicated to hydration. They even set up their own Gatorade Sport Science Institute. (I’m NOT kidding!) Clever marketing has made these sports drinks as essential as the shoes on athlete’s feet. The only problem is: it’s all marketing, NOT science!

“The Natural Hydration Council” which represents the bottled water industry that tells you not to drink those sugary sports drinks, but instead to drink THEIR bottled water. (which again, is in PLASTIC).

How human beings did not become extinct without these sports drinks, and carrying water around with them everywhere? I guess these companies believe they know more about replenishing the faulty system that Mother Nature’s designed to tell you need to drink: actual THIRST?!!

When the Institute of Medicine, an actual scientific organization not receiving funding from Pepsi and other corporations, analyzed the data from the so called research, they concluded that “many of the questions raised about the requirements for and recommended intakes of these electrolytes and of water cannot be fully answered because of inadequacies… There were so many flaws in the research as to render it essentially useless – except for marketing these products. You can read their full report.

What to do? Check in with your body; and let it have the final say. It’s the same as for food. You have a perfectly good operating system; and sometimes it needs to be re-booted to clear out the corruption of TMI (too much information from questionable sources). Should you drink water? Matt Stone, independent health researcher without ties to any industry has done an amazing job of explaining how your water intake actually can control your metabolism. Drinking too much can get your body “cold” and unable to metabolize your food properly, leading to digestive problems, and slow metabolism. And you know what a slow metabolism does: it makes you gain weight!  It’s well worth reading, (he’s both informative & funny) to get the real information on how much you need to drink – without resorting to weighing and measuring!

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