Diet Industry Lies That Make You Gain WeightTrying to lose weight is a losing battle. You’ve been led to believe, by the Diet/Medical Industry, is that the ONLY way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more.  In fact, most people have been TOTALLY brainwashed so that they completely believe that people who gain weight and become overweight are at fault because :

  • they are gluttons
  • they are lazy
  • they have no discipline
  • they are psychologically flawed because they can’t follow simple rules to make them thin
  • they are unhealthy
  • they are ugly

The sad thing is, if you are overweight you probably believe it as well. You think there’s something wrong with you, or your body. You can’t stand being overweight, and you’ve tried so many diets, diet plans, diet supplement, exercise plans and spent thousands of dollars on books that promise you that you CAN lose weight. OK, maybe you did lose weight. For most people (not with a suppressed metabolism, or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or Hypothyroid- or chronic stress) losing weight, at least in the beginning, isn’t so hard. But after a short time, your metabolism slows down as your body shifts to protect you from starving to death. That’s when you “plateau” and stop losing weight, or it slows down to a crawl. And then after the weight loss stops, you can actually start GAINING WEIGHT while you’re still on your diet!

NO- IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!  In fact, many Diet Gurus will tell you that your Yo-Yo dieting is because you didn’t do a “lifestyle change”. It is total CRAP! They are benefitting from you doing the same thing again: going on another diet- and paying them MORE money to fail again! But with every diet, all you are doing is making your metabolism worse, and sabotaging your health. DON’T FALL FOR IT!

That’s what I write about in my Kindle Book: “Diet Industry Lies That Make You Gain Weight: Why “Eat Less & Exercise More” is a HOAX designed to Keep You Coming Back” I want you to understand that your body is normal and health- and it’s not you fault when eating less and exercising more doesn’t work! I tell you exactly why. I am giving you the key to get out of your self-imposed Diet Prison!

DIETING doesn’t work – Learn the way to health and a happy relationship with your body and food. Go to Amazon and read this book. It will change your life. And make sure that all the “well-meaning” people in your life who keep judging you because of diet failure, tell you that you would look so great if you “just lost weight”, or any other negative statement about you – read this book as well. Tell them to BACK OFF, and here’s why! PS- (If you don’t have a Kindle, there’s a free app so you can read the book on your computer, iPad, or smart phone – just click here to get it). Make-It-So-Signature

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