Don’t Eat But Can’t Lose Weight

Woman cutting up one flower of brocolli is extreme dieting that puts your body in stress mode, so you can't lose weight.

Trying to lose weight is a losing battle. You’ve been led to believe, by the Diet/Medical Industry, is that the ONLY way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more.  In fact, most people have been TOTALLY brainwashed so that they completely believe that people who gain weight and become overweight are at fault because :

    • they are gluttons
    • they are lazy
    • they have no discipline
    • they are psychologically flawed because they can’t follow simple rules to make them thin
    • they are unhealthy
    • they are ugly

Hate Your Body

The sad thing is, if you are overweight you probably believe these myths as well. You think there’s something wrong with you, or your body. You can’t stand being overweight, and you’ve tried so many diets, diet plans, diet supplement, exercise plans and spent thousands of dollars on books that promise you that you CAN lose weight. OK, maybe you did lose weight. For most people (not with a suppressed metabolism, or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or Hypothyroid- or chronic stress) losing weight, at least in the beginning, isn’t so hard. But after a short time, your metabolism slows down as your body shifts to protect you from starving to death. That’s when you “plateau” and stop losing weight, or it slows down to a crawl. And then after the weight loss stops, you can actually start GAINING WEIGHT while you’re still on your diet!

Regained Lost Weight

NO- IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!  In fact, many Diet Gurus will tell you that your Yo-Yo dieting is because you didn’t do a “lifestyle change”. It is total CRAP! They are benefitting from you doing the same thing again: going on another diet- and paying them MORE money to fail again! But with every diet, all you are doing is making your metabolism worse, and sabotaging your health. DON’T FALL FOR IT!

Weight Cycling- or Yo-Yo Dieting

It’s called weight cycling. More people know it as “yo-yo dieting”. But you may think of it as going off and on a diet plan. It’s actually not about what you are consciously doing to maintain your weight loss with what you eat and exercise. It’s what your body is doing to NATURALLY bring you back to your weight set point. So far, no one has been able to figure out how to stop this from occurring!

Yo-Yoing back to your original weight or higher even happens with people who have had SURGERY such as lap-band or gastric bypass to make their stomachs smaller. (and that is one of the most dangerous surgeries you could possibly do. You must read Linda Bacon’s book with the statistics showing serious medical issues and even deaths resulting from this operation. PLEASE read it before you consider the surgery!)

Beat The Odds and Get Past Your Plateau

You may believe that this won’t happen to you. You have amazing will-power. You are determined. Maybe you have even increased the amount of exercise you do, and lowered your intake of food.

Sure you will read lots of articles telling you ways to lose weight. You may even read comments on blogs and Youtube, social media showing before and after photos. But believe me, they are not showing you their photos 2-5 years after their weight loss- the “after the after” photos. You can see the photos of the “Biggest Losers” who have become the biggest regainers!

The most important issue is weight loss maintenance – not regaining lost weight. So even if you DO get past your “plateau” and start losing weight again your problem is not over.

 I used to weigh over three hundred pounds. The only method to lose weight that I’ve found is to…you guessed it, eat less and exercise more. Starting out I could eat 2000 or more calories a day and I would exercise for maybe an hour or 30 minutes a few times a week. The more weight I lost the more I had to exercise and the less I could eat. Now it’s 1300 a day and two hours of exercise a day. Granted I’m still trying to lose weight but its frustrating as hell. I’m tired and I’m hungry dammit. I’m afraid when I finally reach my goal I’ll have to starve myself and kill myself exercising to maintain it.   – Nicole, review of my book….see below

Sure, you feel great about your body. You may be doing more exercise than you’ve ever done before. You may be eating “clean”. You may even be doing intermittent fasting. All diets work until they stop working.

For some people, any diet doesn’t work! I had HYPERthyroid. That’s a disease of the thyroid gland where the first symptom is unexplained fast weight loss. Guess what? I never lost an ounce (measured by my clothes, not a scale because I don’t own one). I had every other horrible symptom, but no weight loss. 

I’m going to tell you the truth. I’m not trying to burst your bubble but give you actual facts.  The overwhelming vast majority of people who maintain their “lifestyle change” will still regain the weight they lost. It may not be in a couple of months. It happens to over ninety-five percent of people within two to five years. It may will creep up slowly. You may increase your exercise hoping to stop the progression. You may restart a more restrictive eating plan (diet). You may cut out ALL carbs, sugar, meat, dairy… whatever. Your body doesn’t care. You may even develop an eating disorder. An eating disorder can and does KILL people!

When you start regaining weight you will probably feel perplexed, frustrated and and betrayed by your body. And it will be terribly stressful. The BEST bet you have is to back off your dieting and focus on stress relief. Chronic high cortisol levels may be in part responsible for your weight going up. You will develop OTHER physical problems. It’s time to give your body and mind a break. RELAX, start enjoying your life and find true meaning.

STOP The Diet Madness

At what point are you going to be willing to stop the obsessive focus on what you look like and live the life you are given? How long will it take you to realize that maybe you were not to have a thin body and that is OK. Dieting and obsessing over your body can become its own kind of addiction. It’s an unhealthy fixation. And please don’t tell me that it’s unhealthy to be “overweight” – because that’s just another Diet Industry created myth.

You are so much more than simply what you look like! And if you are lucky enough to have a long life your body is going to change and age. Gravity will have its way with you. Even if you are thin you will probably wrinkle and your thin skin will lose its elasticity and will sag. That’s what living a long life is about. Dieting as a lifestyle change is madness. It’s believing in the nearly impossible.

Is it easy to get over Diet Addiction? Absolutely not. Because especially as females we have been conditioned from birth that it’s important to be thin- and that means dieting and restricting food. But it’s your path to a life of inner peace. You may still have to deal with brainwashed relatives and “friends” and a media that is trying to get you back into the fold. And you must constantly be vigilant not to fall for the myth-information and outright lies and prejudice. Let it make you a stronger and better person.

You are gambling with VERY BAD odds. These are the facts: You have a 2-5 percent chance of losing and maintaining weight loss. And on the other side, you have a 95-98 percent chance of not only regaining the weight you lost, but adding additional pounds with each diet/lifestyle change you do. And with that weight cycling you are also stressing your heart and other internal organs that could lead to serious illnesses. Is it worth it?

Dieting is the Cure for Fat that CAUSES The Condition of Overweight

Cover of Lianda Ludwig's best selling book- Diet Industry Lies That Make You Gain Weight

That’s what I write about in my Kindle Book: “Diet Industry Lies That Make You Gain Weight: Why “Eat Less & Exercise More” is a HOAX designed to Keep You Coming Back” I want you to understand that your body is normal and health- and it’s not you fault when eating less and exercising more doesn’t work! I tell you exactly why. I am giving you the key to get out of your self-imposed Diet Prison!

Maintaining Weight Loss is Next To Impossible

DIETING doesn’t work for 95 percent of people who go on a diet. Well, actually dieting does make you lose weight for a while. But then it comes back when you go on a maintenance eating plan. That’s because you’ve damaged your metabolism and it’s slower than before you dieted. Mother Nature is working to bring you back to your original weight set point. And then she add’s insurance pounds, to make sure you don’t starve again!

And the other important issue is about “emotional eating” also known as “stress eating”. 100 percent of dieters are the only ones who go for “comfort food” to deal with stress! That’s because those are the foods you’ve restricted or avoided. When you’re stressed, you lose impulse control and go and stuff yourself- EVEN WHEN YOU’RE NOT HUNGRY!

That’s called Stress Eating. Here’s the difference between eating from hunger and eating because of strong negative emotions:

difference between physical and emotional or compulsive eating

How To Stop Dieting and Manage Your Weight

Learn the way to health and a happy relationship with your body and food. Go to Amazon and read this book. It will change your life. And make sure that all the “well-meaning” people in your life who keep judging you because of diet failure, tell you that you would look so great if you “just lost weight”, or any other negative statement about you – read this book as well. Tell them to BACK OFF, and here’s why! PS- (If you don’t have a Kindle, there’s a free app so you can read the book on your computer, iPad, or smart phone – just click here to get it).

Another great book filled with scientific studies that are quite interesting and totally readable (you won’t be able to put it down) is Health At Every Size. Written by Dr. Linda Bacon who shows you why diets fail, and gives you a plan for intuitive eating.

PS: And don’t forget to sign up to get my free audio report to help you! And as a bonus you’ll get my MYTH-busting newsletter. There’s lots of helpful information that will get you on the right path!


Diet Industry lies

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