feel depressed about your weight?

feel depressed about your weight?

Are you dying to lose weight? You may not realize it, but dieting and going up and down in weight (yo-yo-ing) is an unhealthy pursuit that CAN kill you (younger than if you never dieted)!

The convergence of the Law Of Attraction and Mind/Body medicine and Brain Science come together when you  use expressions like “I’m dying to lose weight”. It shows a self-disgust and unhappiness with your body that has been thought to set off “auto-immune” diseases where the body attacks itself. After all, it’s your body reacting to your stressful thoughts.

In case you don’t believe that your thoughts create physiological changes in your body, just consider the last time you had a nightmare. Your heart was pounding, you were probably sweating and breathing hard. It could have even taken a while to feel calm enough to fall back to sleep. That is an imaginary thought changing your autonomic nervous system. And that is very much similar to what happens when you use negative words to describe your body or your self. Your body reacts to your thoughts.

Now consider this: have you been told that you NEED to lose weight for health reasons? The Diet Industry, that informs the medical industry, has actually subverted facts to make you BELIEVE that being overweight is unhealthy. It is a lie. Being overweight, and even being placed in the category of obese is NOT a disease. In truth, people who are overweight have no more health problems that thinner people- IF they are fit. (and that means, they walk 4-5 times a week for about a half hour!).

There is a lot of important  research that contradicts the MYTH-information the Diet/Medical Industry has been “feeding” the public for it’s own financial gain.  After all, they make over $60 BILLION a year on your repeat business, and they have lots of money to spend on media  and paying movie stars to keep you misinformed and blaming yourself. They want you to believe that the NEXT miracle diet is finally going to solve your weight problem.

It’s almost like you are living in the Diet Matrix: a made up world where you are a diet prisoner. But finally, people are starting to realize that diets don’t work. Alternative information is receiving more coverage.

Fact 1: there is NO obesity epidemic. The Diet Industry, that is made up of  corporations that make money by pushing this misinformation, lobbied to have the weight standards lowered to include normal weight people pushed into a category of overweight!

Fact 2: Obesity is NOT a disease. Being overweight doesn’t make you unhealthy; nor does it mean that you ARE unhealthy. In fact, overweight people on the whole, live longer than people who are underweight or skinny!

So if you are feeling positive about your body image, and carrying around extra weight doesn’t have you saying miserable things to yourself; if you feel happy and attractive – FORGET about dieting to improve your health. It is unnecessary. The one thing you can do to make yourself healthier is to be physically active. And that doesn’t mean jogging or doing extreme exercise. It simply means the equivalent of taking a half hour walk 4 to 5 times a week.

But if you are telling yourself the truth, the majority of women (mostly) are not dieting to improve their health. They are dieting because they don’t like their body the way it is. And that’s where the problem of overweight actually begins for a huge proportion of dieters. You can learn more about that in my Amazon #1 Best Selling book: Diet Industry Lies That Make Your Gain Weight….

More on that in the next post….



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