Kindle with Diet Industry LiesDiet Industry Lies

Diets Make You Gain Weight

What other industry could sell you something that fails 95-98% of the time and still make over $60 BILLION a year? Only the Diet Industry, combined with the Big Medicine and Big Pharma can sell this kind of crap to women who are so desperate to lose weight.

Every time you go on a diet, your body goes into starvation mode and slows down your metabolism to preserve your life. But the diet industry is thrilled to have you blame yourself instead, and pay them again for another diet plan.

Learn the TRUTH. Diets don’t work. Get this book and learn the real facts to start breaking through the brain washing from the Diet Industry. Every time you go on a diet, you are setting your weight set point higher. You will diet yourself to fat if you continue doing this time and again.

Lianda’s book was a #1 Kindle Best Seller. Learn why dieting is the path to weight gain before it’s too late!

Free yourself from dieting forever- and learn the most effective way to deal with the stress that makes you over-eat. You deserve to live a happier life – and this is the real way!


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