I recently wrote an article that got published on Comment Luv entitled: “Did your Diet Make You Overweight”.  It apparently touched a nerve because I got MANY comments about it. Frustrated, depressed people who have chronically dieting and had no idea that their calorie restrictions had led to their weight gain.

Then there was a comment from Justin:

Justin Musiker
Twitter: seojus1
January 28, 2013 – 3:22 pm

I am so lucky that I do not gain weight, no matter what I eat. I can literally eat allll day and not gain more than a pound. Please people, don’t get mad at me, it is just the truth. It must be my metabolism.
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I just WISH that people on a diet would pay attention to this, and release themselves from the person prison of chronic dieting. It’s such a hard  and miserable sentence – to always be saying no to the food you want; depriving yourself and feeling guilt, shame and blame at your body. 

Here’s my answer to Justin_

Hi Justin,

Thanks SO much for writing! YOU are exactly the point of what I write about. Healthy, normal people NEVER have to diet. In fact, the way that you could start gaining weight would be to RESTRICT your calories.
Your body is the perfect example of an automatic thermostat that is working – it balances intake with amount of energy expended. All without you having to avoid the donuts!

How do people get overweight- by dieting-Stress starts them eating when they are not hungry, and then they “hate” their body, and feel guilty. They start to diet, and start on the path to overweight.

People who are weight challenged just don’t want to believe this, and think the only way they will lose weight is by continuing to watch every morsel they put in their mouths, and exercise until they are either injured or ready to drop. And guess what, if they lose the weight, they will gain it back, plus punishment pounds. OR they will have to spend a lifetime of vigilance focused on eating/depriving – until they are ready to give it up, and take the different path to health – STOP Dieting!

If you have any weight challenged people you know, please tell them this story, and help them!

Are YOU on a diet? Wouldn’t you rather live a life where your focus is NOT on depriving yourself, but joyfully eating food when you are hungry: yes, anything you want. Stop punishing yourself and learn how! My Mentabolism Makeover Intensive Program will give you the keys to release you from Diet Prison FOREVER!


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