love yourself

My mother always told me: You can’t love anyone else if you don’t love yourself.

It took me a long time to realize how profoundly correct she was. Why would someone love you, if YOU can’t love yourself? What is lovable about you to someone else when YOU don’t love it yourself?

And that means ALL of you INCLUDING your body. You don’t HAVE a body – you are your body. In fact, your body is the outward expression (including your facial expressions, and wrinkles) or your inner mind and heart.

Have smile wrinkles? You are someone who expresses more happiness than frowning; and it’s etched on your face. You may not like those wrinkles, but people who see you can READ your face, and it can make you instantly attractive as a positive person. And it’s all unconscious.

Do you hate your body? Can’t stand that belly fat, your plump butt or thighs?  Your posture is undoubtedly expressing your inner feelings with slumped shoulders, lack of eye contact, head lowered. People see you before they hear you – and you never have a second chance for a first impression! 

Negative inner feelings, and calling yourself names create a mindset where your body doesn’t feel safe. And SAFETY is the #1 MOST Important feeling that we need to be healthy. When you don’t feel safe, you are in a state of CHRONIC STRESS. That translates to higher cortisol (the stress hormone) levels, which effects your ability to metabolize food!

Yes, it’s a vicious cycle! Hate your body, your body is stressed, and it makes belly fat. There is a way to stop this cycle. It’s by focusing on gratitude; seeing your body as HEROIC in it’s attempt to help you survive in times of stress.

Say frequently to yourself: “I am my body, I love and appreciate my body, because without it, I would not experience life.”

This is also a great script for EFT Tapping for body image. You want a beautiful, healthy body?  (they go together)

It’s Valentine’s Day. Make your body the recipient of your greatest love. And then you’ll be able to love others- and eventually your belly fat will disappear. No dieting, no deprivation…..That’s how Mind/Heart/Body Medicine and Energy Psychology works!



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