August 22

Eat Less & Exercise More IS A BIG FAT LIE!


Exercise More To Lose Weight – NOT!

Want to Lose Weight, and your doctor tells you: “Eat Less and Exercise More”. Come On! Think logically about it! When you exercise, do you get less hungry? Of course not. Exercise makes you hungry.

The Diet and Medical Industry, used ONE flawed study from about 40 years ago to manipulate the public (actually “gaslighting” them) to say you gained weight because you don’t exercise enough. I don’t know about you, but I see a lot of fat people (myself included) “power walking” at the gym, playing tennis, biking and “exercising more”. Furthermore, nature has arranged it so if you eat less, you body will FORCE YOU to become more lethargic, more tired to conserve calories. Mother Nature doesn’t want you to starve to death- and so your body is programmed to KEEP YOU at a weight set point. And that may not be something you’re happy about (depending on your body type), and it probably is something that you can NOT change!

If you can suspend the brain washing from the Diet Industry long enough you will wake up and remember that when you exercise you get hungry. That should be enough of a reason to question the sanity of any person who tells you to follow this advice to lose weight. It is simply either a blatant lie made by someone who wants to profit from your yo-yo dieting, or someone who is ignorant of the facts.

Even IF you could exercise and keep yourself from eating afterwards with the will power of Hercules, it would take you the equivalent of 22 flights of stairs to burn off the calories in 1 slice of bread!! Is it worth it- The exercise OR the bread??!! 1 pound of fat = 3400 calories. That is fact. Yes, exercise because you enjoy it, and it feels good, and it strengthens your heart and muscles, and if you don’t too much of it, it can be a stress reliever – but it WON’T make you lose weight!

Eat Less and Exercise More MYTH

Now that “Eat Less” business: If you starve yourself, you will be miserable, cranky, cold (except if you live in Tucson in the summer) AND may only slowly lose weight, but your metabolism will slow down to keep you at a weight set point. But beware, because the minute you can’t stand it anymore, and start eating “normally” the weight will start coming back, and store itself right back into your fat cells that now won’t give it up again so easily!

This is fact. Calorie restricted dieting causes you to gain back the weight for 95 percent of people who go on a diet! So much of what the diet industry has told us is exactly the opposite: like “eat margarine instead of butter”. Now they admit that margarine is DEADLY garbage you shouldn’t ever eat! It’s like the Woody Allen movie where he goes into the future and find out that everything we thought was bad for us was good!You actually have to eat enough food, and eat it frequently enough not to slow down your metabolism. So many women chronically diet, eating rabbit food while their thin friends eat the good stuff. And guess who maintains their slender body? WOMEN WHO EAT!

Stop starving yourself and sabotaging your health and end up eventually making yourself GAIN weight. Because after each diet you go on, the weight comes back and brings along with it “insurance pounds” so you don’t starve next time. Break free of the diet-gain weight-diet cycle! Don’t let the diet industry fool you again!



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  1. The one time in my life I gained fat quickly (besides when I was a teenager and grew boobs and a butt), it was when I was eating very little. I wasn’t trying to restrict, but I had no appetite. When my husband got worried about how little I was eating and how cold I was all the time and insisted I eat more, the weight gain stopped entirely. And I was eating things that would make any diet guru’s hair turn white, because they were the only things I could whip up any type of appetite for: cake, fast food, battered and fried food, chips and crackers, high fructose corn syrup “junk.”

    It took a long time for my appetite to get back to normal, but now that it is I’m eating a much healthier diet because it’s what I crave. I’m probably also getting more calories from my current diet, but I do not care. Simply switching to full-fat milk killed the anxiety I’d suffered my whole life. If I end up gaining weight (I haven’t yet), I’ll regret needing to buy new clothes, but that’s it. Having a supportive spouse does wonders, of course.

    As for moving more? I can’t. I’m physically disabled from a severe back injury and “moving more” causes me extreme pain. It’s a problem because I have quite a bit of physical energy nowadays that I can’t easily expend, so I’m fidgety as heck. My metabolism’s definitely going up to compensate; I’m often warmer than my husband now, which is something that’s never happened before.

    I’m very glad you’re around telling the truth about this stuff. Everyone I’ve known who’s gone on a diet has regained at least twice as much as they lost, all as fat. The only person I know who diets and “keeps weight off” has an eating disorder so bad they inflicted it on their cat. (The cat’s fine, thanks to the vet saying they’d report them for animal abuse if they kept doing it.) I wish more people would listen to the evidence of their own bodies and those of the people around them, rather than to “authorities” and media. But that’s a tough battle, encompassing class, gender, race, Big Pharma, Hollywood, the weight loss industry, agribusinesses… phew. Keep up the good fight.

    1. I am so sorry that I just saw this comment – It seems that you’ve discovered for yourself the very thing the diet industry wants to keep hidden. Diets cause eventual weight gain!
      I’m so sorry for your pain- and I can tell you that I too, suffer from lower back pain (my entire life)- but I did find something that helped me tremendously- Egoscue for pain relief. It’s a program that everyone can do at their own level… do check it out!
      And thanks for writing! come back and visit-

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