Chocolate is Healthy?

“Good News for Dark Chocolate lovers: The more you eat, the lower your risk of heart disease”. That news may sound good to you about chocolate. It’s actually a line from a magazine where the journalists did  not do their “due diligence” and actually investigate the claims. It’s just another case where the food industry is trying to use fake news from fake research to make you buy their product.

And what do honest kids think about the taste of dark chocolate?

I really believe that most people sincerely want to eat in a healthy manner. Whenever I go shopping I can see people picking up choices that they THINK are better for them. It makes me sad to think that many of the things that are eating are NOT good for you!

For instance, for a long time now, the medical profession has been promoting a low fat diet. In fact, they screwed this up so completely that they recommended eating the kind of oils that are now being identified as the actual cause of inflammation and heart disease. That’s canola oil, corn, safflower and other Omega 6 oils, known as PUFAs= poly unsaturated fatty acids.

It takes a lot longer to reverse a trend –especially when doctors and “health” groups have spent so much time convincing you that eating margarine was superior to butter. Maybe doctors don’t want to eat “humble pie”?

Since doctors spend very little time in medical school being taught about nutrition, it’s the diet industry informing them about “research” that they done, and their findings.

The only problem with that is the tremendous conflict of interest – and more often than not, the $60 billion a year Diet Industry and Big Medicine and Big Pharma will have you eating out of their hands (forgive my punning) because THEY make more money when you do!

Take for instance a great article explaining how “dark chocolate is now a health food”.  A big part of the problem is that journalists do not do THEIR investigation of the “research” and who has done it, and who benefits from it. Instead they know they’ll have more people read their articles if the title is: “Good news for chocolate lovers: The more you eat, the lower your risk of heart disease.”

They did the same thing trying to convince you to drink more water. They have actually convinced the American public that it’s important to carry it with you everywhere as if you lived instead in the Sahara Desert. You know who funded that “research” telling you that you’re dehydrated unless you drink copious amounts of water? The same companies that make bottled water in plastic bottles. Bad for TWO things: You and the environment.

Did you know that you can die from drinking too much water? It’s called “hyponatremia” – soggy brain.

We are all the loser when you believe fake research. Because you are wasting your money and the suggestions can actually get you sick.

That’s why I encourage you to develop trust in your body. You have two wonderful mechanisms that tell you when/what and why you should eat and drink. It’s called hunger and thirst. Oh, and also listen to your body telling you it’s time to get some sleep. More about that in upcoming weeks.

If you ate when you were hungry and stopped when you were full…. If you drank water when you were thirsty and stopped when you had enough. If you stop depriving yourself of certain foods, you won’t over-eat them when your inhibitions are lowered, or you are stressed.

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