a healthy woman is unhappy with her body because she has a little extra flesh on her stomach

How Did You Start Gaining Weight

The thing I’ve learned from decades of dieting and meeting women who like me is this: we are all different in how we first started gaining weight. I found out through extensive research and interviews, that the reason we’ve gained weight is not as simple as “I ate too much, and exercised too little”. 

No Self Control

But that’s what the Diet Industry had convinced the public. Then the public started blaming people who are heavy for having a “character flaw” because they had no self-control. And they even convinced many of us dieters that there was something wrong with us – after all, look at the ads of all the women who went on some diet and lost 49 pounds in a month. Why couldn’t WE do that? It must because something is wrong with us? Don’t believe it!

What other industry could have a 95% failure rate and still make billions of dollars a year?

The pressure of society, doctors and the media on people who had failed at dieting has become even more extreme. Nowadays, people think they have the right to say whatever they want to another person, be it cruel, prejudiced or just plain untrue. This puts tremendous stress on people who are being fat shamed. Continuously told that you are going to get a terrible disease or die from being overweight is incredibly frightening – and false according to actual governmental epidemiological statistics!

Once everyone “knows” something, it takes on a life of its own and becomes the “truth” – even if it is NOT factual. Unfortunately the more sure someone is of the truth, the louder they get screaming and blaming heavier people.

Lies About Dieting

The fact is that EVERY KIND of diet, including Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Paleo, vegetarian, etc. failed to maintain weight loss for more than 2 months to 5 years for 95% of people who went on a diet. And in fact, each time you go on a diet, the PROBABILITY is you will regain the weight you struggled to lose and add additional weight because you went on a diet! This creates the yo-yo syndrome. That’s when you diet, regain the weight, and then after a while get disgusted with your new heavier weight and diet again.

Why then, are doctors prescribing a “cure” that actually causes additional weight gain? That’s essentially what a diet is!

This is the reason that so many women have actually cycled their weight up higher than it would have ever been IF they had never dieted in the first place.

What can you do once you’re stuck at a high weight and still can’t stand your body the way it is? Are you going to fall for another false diet claim, and get back into that vicious cycle of dieting and regaining weight? Or, are you ready to finally take a different path?

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