Does Comfort Food make you feel better?

When I learned that ICE CREAM is the same combination of sugars, fats and protein as mother’s milk, it all made sense to me! No wonder it’s considered comfort food!

In our brains we link things that happened at certain important events in our lives. And food it top of the list, because it is so comforting. Subconsciously, eating ice-cream brings up a first memory of pain (from hunger) being relieved by a bottle or breast (if you were lucky enough to be breast fed!) So food becomes something we associate with pain relief!
Emotional eating is a double whammy
But of course there are all kinds of foods that we could use to make us feel better – cookies? Remember when you were really good, or you mother wanted to reward you, she’d give you a cookie?

So the important issue is, not so much what your comfort food is, but what makes you reach for that and eat it mindlessly?

Stress Triggers

Why do you head to the refrigerator when you’re not hungry? You even know the answer: stress… Stress triggers emotional eating. (and yes, boredom can be stressful).

So what good is it to go on a diet? When things are going fine in your life you may be more able to stay on a restricted eating plan. But when your boss yells at you, when the person you loves gets into a fight with you, when bills come in that you hadn’t planned for, when you’re in pain….. Then we reach out for something to comfort ourselves. And for many people that is comfort food.

Overeating or Under-eating

And for others, maybe you are like I was….. instead of eating more, I lost my appetite and essentially stopped eating regularly.. it could go on for days.

Stress is very much in control of both how much you are eating AND your cortisol level which determines what happens inside your body related to weight and health.

The thing that most people don’t understand- and that includes doctors, is over-eating and under-eating can have the same effect on your metabolism. BOTH can cause weight gain!

So what can you do? A diet is NOT the answer….

Do you overeat comfort food from stress? Or, are you like me and end up losing your appetite and practically stop eating?

Please comment below so others can see that they are not alone.

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