Is UNDER eating why you are overweight?Dieting and exercise will not let you achieve a permanent weight loss. It doesn’t work for 95{5b8e831512cf0c284f7edae7fc403e9a09e5b1736c5b1d60e4451a29dc064ebe} of dieters. And it’s not your fault. We’ve all been brainwashed – including your doctor who tells you that you have to lose weight, and tells you to go on a diet. But they are just as ignorant as the general population that has been fooled by a diet industry that KNOWS the statistics, and uses dieter’s low self-esteem and desperation to keep them “hooked”.

If you are overweight the most likely reason is that stress caused you to binge eat (stress eating) AND changed your metabolism (increase of the stress hormone cortisol).  So now you try to diet eat tasteless low calorie, low fat foods that leave you hungry. You try to exercise your ass off (but that is actually stressful, and MAKES your body automatically hungrier until all your thoughts are about your next meal). But NEITHER eating less, or exercising more will increase your chances to lose the weight permanently!

So how can you improve your chances of actually permanently losing weight? By eating MORE, and more often. Because eating less automatically slows down your metabolism within 2 days, the opposite is also true. When you eat more often, you maintain a feeling of satiety (fullness) and stabilize your blood sugar levels. It makes your brain happier, gives you more energy – and actually increases your metabolic rate!

Have you ever tried forcing more food into your mouth when you are full? It’s really hard to do- and can actually be painful. In fact many people will vomit. It’s an automatic response of the body to TOO MUCH food! But when you’ve been chronically under-eating, it’s hard to get your body to feel comfortable with more food in your stomach. So start slowly. Increase the number of meals you eat. Carry fruit or energy bars with you to give yourself a boost in the afternoon. You get tired in the afternoon, not because you need caffeine, but because you need FOOD!

It will take some time to break old habit of under-eating. But it will happen when your body is ready. Everyone is different; so accept and honor your own needs. Eat more, and then you will find you’re feeling better mentally, physically and over-all. When your stress levels are lowered, that’s the time that your body will release the extra weight it’s been carrying around.

To learn more about why dieting is a “losing battle”, and the ways to allow your body to drop weight effortlessly, read my book: Diet Industry Lies that Make You Gain Weight. It was an Amazon #1 Best Seller!


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