Everyone KNOWS that to lose weight you have to eat less.

But is this actually true?

Here’s an example that we rarely think about: Senior Citizens. If you go to some restaurants you’ll see “senior portions”.  Seniors often share meals (not just for money, but because they can’t eat as much). As people get older, generally their appetites decrease. But do they all get thin? NO! They get weaker, and sicker as they eat less.

What is the secret to permanent weight loss? If someone tells you it’s “eat less and exercise more” they are either deluded or lying (or an affiliate of Dr. Oz).

We’ve been brainwashed by the Diet Industry making money by keeping you in a revolving door of diet and exercise. Both of these activities, as well as the negative mindset you have when you curse yourself and your body cause stress. And stress may be the culprit that is ground zero when it comes to weight loss.

Stress changes the internal environment inside your body changing the way you metabolize food, and even your hunger levels.

Latest research points to gut bacteria having a huge impact on your weight. In fact, researchers are experimenting with doing poop transplants (I know it sounds disgusting) from thin mice to heavier ones – and it’s showing promising results. Fat mice lose weight without changing what they’re eating!

But the thing is: STRESS affects gut bacteria! If you are stressed and not managing it, even if you did get a result from skinny gut bacteria, your cortisol levels will eventually kill off the good bacteria, and you’d be back to where you started – and again blaming something or someone that isn’t responsible: yourself!

I’ve recently read research that shows that two groups of women who were practicing yoga had very dissimilar weight loss patterns. They were not following a diet plan during this research. The group that did “active” yoga lost more weight at the 6 month point, but regained it at a year. However, the group that did “restorative yoga”: very slow, mindful, relaxing movement keyed to breath, lost less weight at 6 months. But at one year, they had lost more. The weight loss certainly wasn’t from sweating and starving. It was from stress relief.

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