Books have 1 thing in common: They make you gain weight back

Learning about how to lose weight and keep it off is my passion. I’ve been studying biochemistry over the past years. The thing I think can finally conclude is this: there is not one definitive answer to anything about your body! One research study will tell you A and the next will tell you Z. And they each can pull apart the other’s research design, findings and conclusions. This is especially true when it comes to what to eat for health. Anyone who tells you there is just one answer to that question hasn’t looked into the question deeply enough.

From what I’ve learned, our bodies are brilliant at helping our species survive. They have accommodated to changing climates, time zones, and food availability as humans have spread out over the planet. When humans get out of their own way, by doing something to “help” ourselves to become healthier by changing what nature provided, we often end up sabotaging ourselves.

Take for example our (focus) on killing germs. Some of the big selling items nowadays, are disinfectant hand cleaners, bathroom wipes, and cleaners for your kitchen. Are there more bacteria now than in the past? Are they threatening life in the West?

Well, actually maybe. But it’s because we CREATED the monster! Doctors prescribed anti-biotics for colds (viruses) upon which they have no effect. And patients demanded the meds and then only took part of the prescription, when their symptoms got better. BTW, the symptoms could have gotten better by themselves just as a coincidence, because anti-biotics don’t help colds! But what has happened is, any bacteria that was destroyed by the minimal dose now has a stronger big brother & sister bacteria that are left to reproduce and make a STRONGER strain of bacteria. That’s exactly what has happened! We now have bugs that are resistant to our anti-biotics. WE created this monster.

The often quoted statement by Nietzsche,

The things that don’t kill you make you strong”

certainly applies to the bacteria in this case!

Think about the human child’s intuitive behavior of putting things in their mouth when about 3-4 months old. Parents are always grabbing the objects and cajoling their child not to do so. WHY would this be an intuitive behavior across all cultures and races? Nature is not stupid! I don’t believe it’s because they are “exploring” and learning; I KNOW it’s because the germs on these items are giving the baby’s immune system a chance to get strong by fighting off any germs that are presented to their systems through their mouths!

In fact, it’s been recently discovered that babies whose mothers let them get dirty, play on the ground seem to be developing an immunity to asthma later in life!

Putting fluoride in the water to make stronger, cavity resistant teeth? We’re now finding out that has also backfired, with recent articles extolling the dangers of fluoride. And it’s the same with many of the vaccines we give our children. SURE, they have prevented polio, and some other really terrible diseases; but in some cases, they are creating new problems!

Think about cold medicine, and how you treat getting a fever. Sure, it’s miserable and uncomfortable to be hot with temperature. But WHY would nature do this? Fever is designed by nature to KILL the germs that have invaded your body. Germs don’t do well with high temperatures. In fact, that is one of the “alternative” approaches to fighting cancer: super-heating the body for as long as the patient can take the treatment! And, in Switzerland and Germany, where this treatment is utilized, doctors are finding good results! And there are no terrible side effects like with chemo!

Furthermore, with regard to your cold; if you don’t stop your nose from running, and allow your body to deal with the cold by itself, it’s been found that you actually recover 2-3 days faster than if you take all those over-the-counter medications to make you feel better!

Now of course, if your immune system is compromised, and your body is having a hard time fighting off a bug, take the anti-biotic: but take the FULL DOSE! And then you will have to restore the good bacteria that work hard in your gut to digest your food! Yes, there’s a bad side of the good!

So what’s the point of this article? When it comes to surviving optimally, it’s best for nature to be your guide. Realize that the things your body is doing is mainly a protective reaction to get your body healthy- stop fighting, and start listening! Mother Nature knows best. Try to figure out what the symptom you have is telling you!

You will not die from a disease from touching someone else’s shopping cart, sitting on a toilet seat, or wiping you butt with regular toilet tissue instead of bacterial wipes!

Trust Mother Nature and your body!

What do you think: Do you use germ-killing wipes, and have you improved your health with them?

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