Do you have adult ADHD?

Do you have adult ADHD?

Adult AHDH= Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for weight loss?
OK, it’s kind of a joke. But when you have hyperactivity that constantly causes you to get up and move, that’s a good thing for your physical health, and maintaining a good body weight. We all sit too much. It’s been estimated that most people (probably not mothers of young children) sit at their desk, sit in the car, sit watching TV (and eating), and then lie down to sleep. I saw a video that said people sit 23.5 hours. But honestly, I don’t believe that. It’s an exaggeration- after all, you have to move from one place to another…. you stand up to go to the refrigerator… to walk to the table…. to get to your car….. to walk to the bathroom. Hmmm…. may it IS 22 hours total?

Just look at little kids. They are in constant motion. Either they are moving their bodies, running, jumping, exploring – AND they are constantly talking to themselves or to you! All that burns a lot of calories!

What do you think?

Anyway. Over-exercising isn’t good for you, but neither is sitting in a chair for most of the day. Taking a half hour walk, especially outside in a place where you can be MINDFUL of what you are doing. That slow mindful walk is actually better for you than a run where your mind is all over the place. When done mindfully, it relieves stress. In fact, restorative yoga turns out to be better for weight loss than active exercise! And you know what I say about stress: It messes up your metabolism! So don’t talk on the phone, enjoy being outside in the sun, or whatever it’s like outside, and keep your attention on enjoying using your body, taking care of your physical and mental health.

Mindfulness is the key. So that pretty much negates the statement about Attention Deficit. In fact, I believe that adults have created their own type of ADD by multi-tasking. You don’t do anything as well when you do multiple things at the same time. You forget, you have to remind yourself where you left off…. and that actually takes more time, and stops the “flow” that is when we are really involved in what we are doing. Your creativity lessens as well.

So, forget being ADHD- except with regard to getting up from your desk, and getting off your tush, and enjoying your REAL life- moving your body, and being in the same place with your mind!


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