Are you chained to a scale?

Are you chained to a scale?

Law Of Attraction and Dieting

All my life, I wanted to lose weight. Even when I was thin, I started needless dieting to be thinner. I had no idea that dieting actually started me on the road to getting overweight. Yes, it’s exactly as the Law Of Attraction explains: the things where you put your focus (“I don’t like my weight”) was what attracted the very thing I didn’t want: to get overweight.

Once I started dieting, I focused on what I couldn’t eat. I felt guilty if I ate chocolate, pizza, potato chips, French fries. The crazy thing is, when I wasn’t dieting, I could eat all of those foods, and never gain an ounce! I was a perfectly healthy, athletically built young woman. But I wasn’t perfect. I wasn’t happy with myself, and had low self-esteem. My focus was to be what I wasn’t – or just thinner, and it actually took over my life.

After every diet (I tried it all), I’d gain back the lost weight, plus an additional couple of pounds. Little did I realize, it was my body trying to protect me from starving. I got disgusted, blamed myself  and my body, and waited until I could no longer stand myself enough to try the newest miracle diet that would finally solve my weight issue.

For decades (I was really brainwashed- probably like you) I believed that regaining the weight was my fault. Either there was something wrong with my body (my metabolism, my thyroid, SOMETHING!) or that I actually didn’t follow the diet close enough (not complete discipline- but I HAD followed it!!). It was making me crazy: how could this be happening to me?!

How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

So much has been written about the Law of Attraction since the movie “The Secret”. Many people have used the principles successfully, but many more people complain that it doesn’t work for them.

First of all, you have to KNOW what you want! Perhaps you made a New Year’s Resolution, or thought about what you wanted to achieve this year. Statistics show that people who write down their goals have an 80 percent better chance of achieving them than people who only think about what they want.

Unfortunately, many people can only articulate what they DON’T want. That’s like telling yourself not to fall into a hole in the street. Your mind goes directly to the thing you want to avoid, the law of attraction kicks in, and voila: you get what you don’t want!

How Your Brain Works

The fact is, all humans get to choose what you do, say, and even think: But here’s the catch. You can do that with your CONSCIOUS mind; but it’s a lot harder to control the continuous stream of subconscious thoughts. Most of your day, when your mind is not focused on a particular thought or new behavior, your subconscious mind is free to “roam” and play the programs from your past. It has been estimated that 70 percent of your thoughts are negative or redundant! These are the thoughts that are running your life: the beliefs you use to make choices and decisions!

You can say that you are using the Law of Attraction, and it’s not working, because your conscious mind is focused on your positive thoughts a lot less than the 30 percent of the time when you are consciously thinking. If you have negative thoughts the rest of the time, what do you think will have a larger impact?

How do you change those subconscious thoughts and negative programming? The first step is to pay attention to the script running through your head. “Listen” to your self talk to determine whether you are speaking to yourself as your best friend, worst enemy or somewhere in between. Start by replacing those negative subconscious thought with vivid pictures and images that remind you of times when you were successful, happy and calm. Little by little, the patterns will begin to change.

There are other wonderful techniques such as EFT, (MeridianTapping) and HeartMath which are also very effective in replacing these negative patterns. Once your subconscious thoughts shift, you will find that The Law of Attraction will begin to bring you the positive goals you want to achieve in your life!

Obsessive Focus on Dieting

During another bout of dieting (aka now it’s a “lifestyle change”- in other words a permanent diet) of doing the Paleo, or ancestors eating plan, I had the good fortune to hear Matt Stone, from 180Degree Health on Facebook, interviewed. The Paleo plan wasn’t working for me – I hadn’t lost an ounce, despite following everything exactly. I was again feeling like a total failure – but not a “loser”.

After decades of trying every imaginable diet, Paleo IS the LAST diet I will ever try. Because I have finally learned the TRUTH. Dieting and focusing on hating your body does one thing: it slows down your metabolism, makes you feel physically worse, and you eventually re-gain weight for all your hard work and deprivation. NEVER AGAIN!  It goes against the science of how your brain works AND the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction explains this very well. If you are focused on negative feelings about your body, that is what you create. Instead, focus on appreciating your body, and taking care of it: NOT by dieting and starving, but by nurturing yourself!

I’ve also learned that my obsessive mindset to lose weight was attracting the negativity that made me feel worse about myself. And now, I am healthier and happier. Join me, and make peace with your body and food. And maybe unintentionally, just by being happier and healthier, your weight may self-adjust. And maybe it won’t. But you won’t spend one second worrying about it! It’s like the Serenity Prayer says: Accept the Things You Cannot Change. That’s when the magic begins.


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