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If you’ve been dieting and can’t lose weight:

your doctor may tell you that you don’t have a thyroid problem: “It’s all in your head.” That is said by doctors who don’t understand that they are actually CORRECT! The things you believe and feel emotionally affect how your body is responding! That’s the basic foundation of Mind/Body medicine!

 How Stress Affects Your Weight

The way you have felt about your body can change the way you metabolize foods, change your hunger levels, affect your sleep (maybe the biggest cause of people gaining weight) – essentially it creates a background of STRESS in your mind/body. In order to manage your weight, you need to get off a food diet, and go on a STRESS DIET.
Everyone feels stress from time to time, but when it is unresolved it becomes chronic stress- and that is really dangerous for your health and well-being. Stress can come from your lifestyle, under-eating or over-eating, over-exercising, being financially challenged, working in a job you hate, having relationship problems or anything else. Multi-tasking and rushing, OVERdoing are creating stress. Probably the biggest stressor is not being true to yourself and honest with yourself.
Understand what makes you happy and take responsibility for it. You are ALLOWED to have your own needs and not have to live up to other people’s opinion of how YOU should live or be. You don’t have to LOOK like everyone else. Realize that dieting to look like the models and actors you admire is brainwashing from society. If you weigh more than others it may actually be your genetic body type. You are YOU. If you have problems with being unhappy with your body and have body image issues, I HIGHLY recommend you read DIETLAND by Sarai Walker. It may make all the difference in the way you accept yourself.
You can eat the healthiest diet, but under stress it turns to poison in your system. Bottom line: Manage your stress; be happy; forgive and accept yourself the way you are: and watch yourself get healthier and maybe that will impact your weight- but maybe not, and that too, can be alright.

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