A MUST read for any woman whose been on a diet

Most women I know have body issues. They’ve been on a diet, or they are chronically “watching their weight”. Many women have closets full of different size clothes: fat clothes, skinny clothes and clothes they are hoping to wear again. It’s more like a torture chamber than a closet because every time you open it you are sad and judge yourself as a failure. Does your weight control your self-esteem?

Have you ever read a book that changed your way of looking at life or your body? I’m a reader- lots of non-fiction and fiction books. I recently picked up a book, “Dietland” by Sarai Walker.  I write and talk to women to encourage them to appreciate their body the way they are right now- not after dieting, and I think this book will have a tremendous impact, more than anything you can do to change your opinion about your body.

This fictionalized story brought me a whole new way of viewing the totality of women’s focus on dieting and on body image. It’s the story of Plum, a young, depressed, fat woman living her life waiting to have surgery to remove her excess weight.

It’s a “youthful” style or writing; entertaining, and provocative to say the least. (If you don’t like “f bombs” and strong language and descriptions of sex, this book may be not for you)  Many times I actually had to stop and take notes because of the enlightenment the story brought to me.

If you are a woman who has ever been on a diet, a person who is unhappy with her body; if you have ever been shamed by others, told to diet, humiliated because you’re not thin, I strongly encourage you to read this book. This book may open the door to your understanding of dieting as an important Feminist issue.

Please write to me and tell me what you think of this book….

You can make your own Mindset

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