I’m so angry at diet “professionals” who refuse to see the evidence. They follow lock step behind their school, training, and the “common knowledge” (that is really an Urban Legend- FALSE!) that eating less and exercise more is going to make their client lose weight. Oh, yes, maybe they’ll lose weight for a while, but slowly the rate slows, and then practically stops. They call it a “plateau”. Well, it’s the body desperately trying to save itself by slowing the metabolism.

Then, as soon as the dieter finally gives up, from frustration, from constant starvation; from the body and brain working as hard as it can to make you eat, the weight returns. The body then naturally is in fat storage mode, trying to replenish the fat that was lost. So it will add additional weight to your set point, just in case you go into starvation mode (A DIET) again!

Instead of being angry with your body, it’s important to appreciate its HEROIC measures to keep you alive.

DIETING is NOT how weight loss happens.

The vast majority of weight loss “gurus” and nutritionists think that you should fight nature, and withhold food. They want you to go on the duct tape diet plan. They will play lip-service to the effect of stress; but not pay attention to the fact that STRESS is the underlying problem of weight gain- NOT the other way around.

WHY did you gain weight in the first place?

WHY did you start over-eating (if that was the reason that you gained). People don’t over-eat because they are hungry. They over-eat because they are using food as self-medication; or as a drug. It’s even called “comfort food”. But it doesn’t help when you stuff your feelings with food!

And, for those who didn’t over-eat? What caused your weight gain in the first place? Were you a caregiver, did you lose your job, your relationship…? STRESS causes a change in your biology. It makes your body feel “unsafe”, and starts the cascading changes that stop proper digestion and metabolism of your food.

Robert Sapolsky, PhD. in his book, Why Zebras don’t get Ulcers, explains that even baboons get belly fat in response to stress. WHY won’t diet professionals pay attention and STOP BLAMING overweight people for deliberately causing their own overweight problem. Over-eating is a SYMPTOM, not a cause of overweight! And then they encourage the worst possible solution to lose weight: the one thing that will NOT WORK to lose weight and keep it off.

Don’t fall for it! If you want to lose weight, do not diet. It’s almost a guarantee of gaining the weight back, plus additional pounds. Then you’ll be stuck in the yo-yo syndrome, of loss, gain; loss, gain more; …..

There’s a way. It’s all about a MINDSET change. Lose the stress, lose the weight. I can show you how…


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