Women Believe Mindful Eating is a New Diet Plan?

Mindful Eating, or intuitive eating is a newer approach to controlling the amount of food you eat by paying attention. But it is still not going to be a solution to out of control binging or emotional eating. And for many women, they secretly  are still hoping that this approach will help them lose weight. The best trainers will tell you “this is NOT a diet” or another way to restrict the food you eat, lots of women still believe it may be a way to lose weight. However, when all you see are average weight women teaching this approach, and pictures on the website of size 10 women, you can be misled to believing it helped them – “and maybe it will help me?”

Eat When You’re Hungry

If you are eating because you are hungry, the mindful eating approach will help you manage how much you eat. It’s a great practice to let you slow down as you eat, and give your body a chance to tell you when you’ve had enough to eat, or when you’re still hungry.

But if you are stressed out, and ready to attack the refrigerator or the pantry, mindful eating is not going to solve your problem. That’s because mindful eating doesn’t deal with the stress triggers that make you go to the refrigerator or panty for comfort food. In fact, the term “comfort food” expresses exactly why you are eating the food! It’s an attempt to sooth emotions that are out of control.

Unmanaged Stress Is More Powerful than Mindful Eating

Once you start a binge, it’s really hard to stop yourself in the middle of this out of control state. You must learn to manage stressful feelings BEFORE you are out of control. Try this actual technique that has been proven to work:

  • STOP, do some IMMEDIATE stress relief. (I have some powerful, proven methods that can stop out of control behavior IF you use them).
  • Tell yourself: “I will eat whatever I want, AFTER I do 5 minutes of stress relief”  (for me, HeartMath is the best….)
  • And then sincerely do a practice for 5 minutes. (check out my Youtube video to learn how to do EFT tapping on your hand)

The way your brain works- like your mother told you: “Count to 10 before you speak” – is the same concept. You can stop a behavior BEFORE, but once you start eating out of control, (or anything else…) it’s very hard to stop once you start.

I am NOT claiming that Mindful Eating or even Stress Relief prior to Intuitive Eating is going to help you lose weight (and maintain it, which is the thing that all weight loss gurus leave out). But I am telling you that stress relief has been PROVEN to help you with emotional management which WILL help with out of control eating, and out of control stress of ANY kind. And stress relief does have a positive impact on your metabolism, and can improve symptoms of Hashimoto’s thyroid disease.

YOU can do it! Get the inside scoop and get great pointers about how to manage your stress, improve your self-esteem, learn how to to answer fat-shamers and lots of information that will EMPOWER you to be accepting and happy in your own body!

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