July 2

Miracle Diet Aid to Lose Weight


Every morning when I get to the computer and start going through my mail, I read about some NEW scheme to make you lose weight successfully. Today’s new miracle weight loss method is a spray: Thin mist.

Oh yes, the sales copy sounds great, and explains to you how since you’ve gotten older your body has changed and you’ve gained all this weight. This spray is going to reverse your aging and speed up your metabolism. Ha Ha!

The only question I have is: What about YOUNG people who are overweight? How is this newest  Miracle diet aid going to help the young crowd to lose weight and keep it off? By taking medications daily for the rest of their lives?

Do YOU want to have to take and PAY for a medication to keep your weight managed for the rest of your life? What are the long term consequences of doing this? What wrong with this picture?

The point it, there are people who eat everything they want, and maintain their weight. Do you think that THEY are taking sprays of HGH, or measuring their food, or depriving themselves?


The fact is – dieting MAKES you gain weight. Depriving yourself of food because you didn’t  like how you looked, set your body off on this path. And now you’re probably terrified to stop dieting because you think you’ll gain even more weight.

But there’s a way to become a “normal” eater again- and it’s NOT by restricting and weighing your food, or spraying your mouth, or surgery.

What got you on the path to being overweight? Please help others by sharing your comments below.


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  1. A diet spray? WOW, wouldn’t that be fabulous and easy?

    When I was young, my life was about gaining weight. Then, when I finally gained some, it didn’t stop. And my life became about losing weight (even though I wasn’t obese). Just thinking about food seemed like it added pounds.

    I hate to say it, but it was the end of a relationship that brought it on a rather large weight loss for me. I wasn’t trying to lose weight at that time. And, I lost too much weight (yes, one can get “too thin”).

    However, now that I’m healing from the break up, I’m back to what I think is a healthy weight. I continue to manage it by eating what I want and paying attention to nurturing my self & my body.
    Thanks Lianda. ~Debra

  2. I started to gain weight after I started smoking. Although smoking actually decreases your appetite, it made me less active so I wasn’t burning the calories. The final straw was getting a car and driving instead of taking the bus which still required me to walk to and from places.

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