July 4

Don’t Pig Out on 4th of July- or any other Holiday!


It’s the 4th of July and party time. So, if you are watching your weight DON’T! Nurture yourself, enjoy yourself; but only eat until you are full!

Naturally slim people don’t diet. They also don’t “pig out” because they think this is the last time they are going to eat this week. When you eat what you want and don’t try to stop by using “Will Power” that will eventually turn into “won’t power” and you will binge! Don’t do it to yourself.  Eat like a thin person, and you will become one.

My best suggestion is: put the food you want to taste on a dish and LOOK at it. If you are not paying attention to how your stomach feels, your brain isn’t going to tell you that you had enough to eat. Use Brain Fooling Techniques so you don’t over-eat!  When you are at a party, you don’t pay attention to what you are eating, and you eat more than you think! These suggestions will save you from getting over-stuffed!

Be mindful – AND have fun. Enjoy that slice of apple pie – and then you won’t have to eat the WHOLE thing!
Happy 4th everyone!


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