July 10

Miracle Diet Solution to Get Rid of Stubborn Pounds


Sad and ashamed at your weight?
Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the

definition of INSANITY!!
Aren’t you tired of reading all of those horror stories about how that extra weight around your belly is going to shorten your life? (like you WANT to be overweight, and you enjoy the thought that you can get seriously ill from the extra weight??)

Aren’t you “fed up” with every day bringing a new “Miracle Diet” that is going to “forever make you lose those stubborn pounds”?

But each time you read a new email with a “final solution” so you can throw away your fat clothes forever, you read it and hope THIS ONE will be the one that works.

Would you like to FINALLY KNOW why dieting hasn’t worked for you? Maybe you’ve actually been one of the people able to lose weight. Maybe you actually to got to your target weight, but slowly the weight started creeping back on. And if you are like MOST people who have been on a diet (actually 95{5b8e831512cf0c284f7edae7fc403e9a09e5b1736c5b1d60e4451a29dc064ebe} of them!!) you’ve put back on the weight PLUS additional pounds!

OK, maybe you did “cheat” and went back to eating the way you were before you went “on a diet”. But maybe you didn’t go back to old eating habits. And maybe you became a Chronic Dieter- someone who eats clean, and even exercise.  But the weight STILL started creeping back. Or it’s creeping back as you are reading this, and afraid, no TERRIFIED, of what is going to happen – how you stop it from coming back!

How frustrating is that? You probably blame yourself for skipping a day of exercise, or eating a cookie or two, or even three. So it MUST be your fault, according to the Diet Industry. But I have some good news and bad news for you.

IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! The bad news: You have been brain-washed to BELIEVE that dieting and exercising: sticking to a diet is the only way to lose weight.

If you believe that, then let me ask you a question:

Why is it that “normal” weight people can eat cookies, ice-cream, pizza, hamburgers, etc..

and not gain weight?

It’s BECAUSE dieting is NOT a cure for being overweight! But the diet industry wants you to believe there is a ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach to losing weight. They want you to be a continuous repeat customer, and they make money on you each time!

I’ve even listened to so called experts who tell you to throw your fat clothes away to keep yourself thin. All I can say is: Either they are ignorant or malevolent. EITHER WAY is not acceptable.

Dieting and exercise are NOT the answer. No pills, menu plans, surgery or other intervention is going to work for everyone, because being overweight is a SYMPTOM of a deeper problem, not a cause!

It sounds so logical: Eat less and exercise more. And yet you are convinced – and probably, so is your doctor! Doctors don’t spend much of their time in medical school learning about nutrition or dieting. I’ve been told it comes out to about a half hour in all the years they are in school (except maybe for endocrinologists).

I want to save you from this roller coaster of hope and despair. I want to EMPOWER you with the facts, so that you will immediately understand the reason WHY these diets don’t and will NEVER work. I want to free you from the addiction of dieting, negative self-judgment and shame.

My next email will share with you the details of my upcoming webinar: The Top 10 Countdown to WHY Your Diet Has Failed, and What you can do to become a Successful Loser!

Don’t miss it, or you may be an Overweight Diet Addict for the rest of your life!

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