There’s a reason that you gained weight. Over-eating is the symptom of that reason. And blaming yourself keeps you stuck. Dieting by following a diet plan, taking supplements, special fat destroying pills, or any weird exercise may be a temporary fix. But your body, and Mother Nature are going to bring you back to a “safe” weight; because that’s how your body works.

The bottom line is: WHAT created the problem that made you over-eat; or slowed down your metabolism in the first place? That is the most important thing for you to consider when you are honest with yourself. It’s a CHRONIC STRESS reaction that changes you. It’s a MINDSET that tells you that you’re not good enough, that you are “stuffing” your feelings, and perhaps food to make you feel better. Or you are chronically depriving yourself of food, because you are “too much”.

And those feelings can come from many different places. It can be all the way from your childhood, from abuse, neglect, or continuing unhappiness and disappointment in your life. But you don’t solve stress or over-eating by putting yourself on a DIET! You solve the problem by putting your STRESS on a diet!

You solve stress by gratitude, and by believing in yourself. So here’s a really beautiful video that exemplifies both.

I hope this gave you a dose of stress relief and personal belief!


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