Are you upset about your weight?

Are you unhappy about your weight? Have you been on a diet, and regained the weight? It sounds like you assume that another diet plan will work better. But if the first one didn’t work, why should this one? Trying to solve a problem with the wrong solution won’t work no matter how much discipline and will power you have! Dieting doesn’t work because it doesn’t address the reason you gained weight in the first place!

Well, I have a question for you. When did you first start gaining the weight?

Maybe you are looking at the wrong solution for your weight issue. Most people had a change in their life that precipitated their weight gain. Some stressful event: loss of income or a job, divorce, someone got sick, etc. When you are stressed, you KNOW it!

That stress can be the reason that you started gaining weight in the first place. And it works in a few ways.

  • You started eating to sooth your stressed feelings
  • You were thinking about your problems, and not focused upon the amount of food you were eating
  •  Stress slowed down your metabolism!

Many people are so willing to blame themselves for weight coming on all of a sudden. But if you had no weight issue, and then all of a sudden you’re noticing a pooch, or your clothes are getting tight, it’s time to look INWARD instead of the outside of your body. Gaining weight is a signal that something stopped working correctly with your body’s automatic system.

When you have no weight problems, you don’t fixate on food; you don’t over-eat. AND you eat whatever you want.  You are not using food as a drug of choice to deal with stress. You stop when you’re full, and you eat because you’re hungry!

Think about how miserable it feels to “have to eat” when you are full, and trying trying to please the cook, who says, “oh, please have some more”. Your body, has a great mechanism to tell you when you’ve had enough food: your stomach tells you that you are full. But when you are not paying attention, perhaps because you are multi-tasking, overly busy trying to accomplish too many “tasks” at the same time; thinking about your troubles; it all adds up to not paying attention to your cues from your body.

The wonderful thing is, you can actually use eating as a relief for stress! No, you don’t just shove comfort food down your gullet; you use time to eat for calm, focused, enjoyable eating of foods you love. Spend time with the food, eating it and feeling gratitude. Set the table, put on light enjoyable music, chew slowly, engage all of your senses to NURTURE yourself. Watch the stress slip away, and your body lose its tension. You have at least three opportunities a day to do this stress relief.

But remember, you can’t eat stress free while your standing at a counter, driving the car, I’ming your friends. Nourish yourself with food; and watch your weight go back to a more comfortable place: all without dieting!


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