Yes, it would be a wonderful thing, but it just doesn’t exist. But the Diet Industry wants you to believe that if you eat less and exercise more, you will lose weight and keep it off. It’s a BIG FAT LIE!

In fact, there is no  research that shows that ANY DIET will definitively allow you to lose weight permanently.

But “everyone knows” that you have to eat less to lose weight:

NO– the less you eat, the more your metabolism slows down to prevent you from starving

But “everyone knows” that you have to exercise to lose weight:

NO – extreme exercise is actually a stressor, which also makes your metabolism slow down.


If you want to stop being fooled, and having your money spent on worthless diets that will end up making you fatter and more unhappy, it’s time for you to get the facts. That’s what I’ve written about in my book, Diet Industry Lies that Make You Gain Weight.

Diet Industry Lies That Make You Gain Weight

It’s a kindle book, but you can read it on your computer. And don’t get fooled again!








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