Water is basic to life. Everything that is alive has water as part of it. Without access to water, we would quickly die. But what does drinking water and eating (in our foods) do to your body and your health and even your weight? Is the water from your tap, or in the bottle you buy making you fat?

Unfortunately the water that we now use is very polluted, not only with industrial chemicals and run-off, fluoride and chlorine, but with pollutants that go in the air, AND with pharmaceutical drugs – including hormones, anti-cancer drugs, and anti-depressants. These are dangerous drugs that are collecting in our bodies and researchers are saying this is having an effect.

Gurus tell you what you shouldn’t eat – but they rarely address the importance of drinking CLEAN water! Reverse osmosis water is dead – stripped of minerals that we need. (and it wastes a tremendous amount of water). Those water filters that go through a countertop pitcher are mostly useless to remove chlorine, fluoride and other pollutants that are small.

Although municipal water plants clean out the worst bacteria, they make no attempt remove these dangerous pharmaceuticals. And bottled water does nothing at all! They could pull that out of your toilet bowl and bottle it- there is no governmental control over that at all!

AND, the water you buy in plastic water bottles is actually even more dangerous. It’s been implicated as leaching an endocrine disruptor – both from the plastic leeching out into the water (and that’s just regular plastic, as well as the BPA free bottles)as well as the water it contains. That can change your metabolism and contribute to weight gain and make it nearly impossible to lose weight.

I take my health into my own hands whenever possible. I’m not going to be obsessive, but when there are things that I can do to insure I’m not getting extra pollutants and toxins in my body, I’ll do that. I’ve investigated many different water filters and think  PureEffect filters are the best. The water tastes great. It wasn’t hard to install (I have an under the counter version) – and if you have a dishwasher vent, you can change that and place this faucet it that place- contact me if you need help). I purchased and personally use this filter.  Check out the important information on this website and keep yourself and your family as healthy as you can!

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