multiple bodies from skinny to fat

This article is really important- even for people whose weight has never been an issue.
I wish this information were taught to children starting in elementary school – and all the way through college. It would have prevented me from dieting myself to overweight. It would have stopped me from blaming myself for regaining weight after every diet. It would have convinced me to stop stressing over my body. It would have changed the whole course of my life.

Is there someone whose life you can change by freeing them from maniacal, roller coaster, yo-yo diet cycle that just ends up creating the very thing you want to avoid – being overweight?

I wish this article was studied in MEDICAL SCHOOL- instead of having to deal with doctors who are constantly telling people to “lose weight” and telling their patients that “being overweight will kill them!”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give this to people who are telling you to eat less and exercise more? Wouldn’t it be great if they read this article and would finally stop them from judging overweight people as lazy, slothful, and unable to control themselves? Could learning this information finally stop us from making fun of overweight people – as the last politically correct group that can be shamed?

What do you think? I feel like making copies of this and carrying it around to give to people buying diet food and falling for the Diet Industry Lies. I’ve been writing about this for a long time- but when the NY Times publishes an article, people are more likely to believe that.

Read it all the way through and finally FORGIVE yourself. Work on changing your mindset: Love yourself the way you are. Eat mindfully and enjoy your life without punishing yourself for not having the perfect body. You can make your own Mindset


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