Oprah’s Weight

How Did Oprah Lose Weight?

I use the "Oprah standard" when someone tells me about a diets. Oprah is the richest woman in the world- other than the Queen of England. Don't you think she's been able to hire the TOP chefs, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, psychologists, coaches, doctors and the rest of people who claim they can help you lose weight??

Of COURSE! But guess what? Oprah has lost weight- LOTS OF TIMES. And then, just like 95% of the population, she regained it! She may tell you it's her fault. She's had a litany of reasons why: she cheated on the diet, she didn't exercise enough, she didn't take enough time for herself, she doesn't sleep enough, she has stress.

But she has ignored the TRUTH and instead blames herself. She's too smart for that, and it's really sad. Regaining weight is AUTOMATIC. Your body slows down your metabolism when you diet. It MAKES you lazy so you won't exercise and you can conserve calories and not starve to death. Once the weight is on, it's almost impossible to lose it permanently. Even IF you stay on the diet, don't cheat, exercise and have plenty of sleep. Sorry.... but that is the Truth. And I KNOW you don't want to believe it. But I'm not going to lie to you.

False Claims from Diet Gurus

I wish I had a dollar from every Guru who says that "she can make you lose weight". Sure you can. But can you keep it from coming back after 2 months to 2 years? Probably not!

Do these gurus have statistics on the success of their customers who were able to maintain the weight loss? Oh, I "lost" their contact information after they finished the program and I changed their lives for the better.... they'll tell you, or some other excuse.  I am so tired of all of these people with their own personal diet plans that have "helped so many people to lose weight". It's LIES. Maybe they were never heavy in the first place, but just think they know the special sauce that can save people from being overweight.

OR, they have found the way to only work with the 5% of the population who maintained weight loss. You see, every diet works - until it doesn't.  And it's not a matter of cheating, or being lazy. It's a matter of science.

And I particularly love to look at photos of weight loss gurus who GAINED WEIGHT on their own diet plan.

So stop blaming yourself. There are lots of reasons that we gain weight in the first place. It's partly genetics.

It can be from early childhood abuse, neglect or humiliation.

It can be from being stressed out from any number of reasons. And once the weight is on, it's almost impossible to get it off. And dieting is one way you can almost assure that eventually you'll gain MORE!

STOP Stress Eating

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Diet Industry lies

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