First after photo of Dave Asprey who gained weight after being on Paleo Diet
funny interview of Dave Aspry who gained weight after eating Paleo diet

Weight Loss Diet Gurus Who Gain Weight on the Own Diet

Every time I see a weight loss or diet guru who had been making millions telling people how to lose weight, OR a person who has been marketing and promoting a diet, I look for their most recent photograph. WHY? Because after a while, IF that person was originally heavy and lost weight on their diet the 98 percent probability, is that they regained the weight they lost. But people who don't know are still paying them for their diet books, diet food and diet advice. They lied to you. 

Are You Fed Up Enough with Dieting to Learn from a Fat Anti-Diet Guru?

Are all the people who are telling you how to lose weight are thin – or they are using photos of when they were thin to sell you their diet? Dave Asprey above still uses that great thin faced photo of him during his thin period of time after he completed his diet. Now look at the picture of him being interviewed by the hysterical JP Sears. Man boobs, neck fat, etc… Now I’m NOT pointing this out to insult him. If you look at me, you’ll see plenty of fat- it’s just an observation. But is he HIDING behind his thin photo to sell his diet!!?? NOT HONEST at all!

“Get thin like me“, these Diet Gurus claim. But how honest are they actually?

Weight Loss Gurus Lie

Gurus who are telling you how to lose weight are lying to you. You see all those "before and after" photos of them as heavy, and then after the diet they are selling you see them thin. But you don't see the "after the after" photo where they have regained the weight they lost!

Maybe they were just confident that they had cracked the code of weight loss. But they didn't give it enough time to see that Mother Nature was going to bring them back to their original set-point weight which was higher than before! 

Or maybe they were just very lucky and won the "metabolism lottery"?

Maybe they never showed themselves in a photo again because they were embarrassed and ashamed of how their diet had failed? But I'm sure they didn't contact you to give you back the money you spent on their miracle diet plan that even failed them!Learn from a Fat Diet Guru

photos of women who are frustrated with dieting

All Diets Fail

Anyone who claims to have a diet that works is lying to you. It is well known and documented that 95% of all diets fail. That includes Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, lifestyle changes, and exercise programs. First you lose weight, and then you regain the weight you lost plus additional insurance pounds to keep you from starving to death next time. It's how NATURE prevents you from starving to death. You can't prevent this from happening!

So how is it that all of these Diet Gurus who are selling diets and diet books are thin? Are they in the magic 2-5% of dieters that actually maintain weight loss?

More likely they are either genetically gifted with a body structure and/or have a naturally fast metabolism, like my friend Yolanda who I write about all the time. She always ate like a Sumo wrestler and stayed thin while I ate rabbit food and constantly put on weight after each diet.

OR, are do these gurus have hidden Eating Disorders and encouraging YOU eat like them: under-eating (possibly with Anorexia Nervosa, or Bulimia) and over-exercising their entire lives?

Lifestyle Change

means NEVER AGAIN eating Food You Enjoy

Are you willing to give up the things you enjoy eating FOREVER? Are you able to turn down dinner engagements with friends because there are foods you won’t eat? Are you willing to not even eat a piece of your own BIRTHDAY CAKE for the rest of your life? And even WITH that understanding that the food you enjoy will be off limits, there is STILL NO GUARANTEE that you will be able to maintain any weight loss you achieve even while still “watching” what you eat??

Why you Can’t Maintain Weight Loss from Dieting

Within days of starting a restricted weight loss diet, Mother Nature, via your normal body life saving mechanisms is alerted and ready to prevent you from starving to death. No, you cannot control this yourself. Just read about what happened to the subjects in the Minnesota Starvation Experiment!

Disciplined Enough?

You may think you’re disciplined to prevent yourself from eating – and you may be- but you cannot control your metabolism which slows down about thirty percent (!!) to maintain your weight set point. 

woman puts duct tape over her mouth so she won't cheat on her diet. She has stockholm syndrome from being lied to by the Diet Industry

That means after you reach the weight you are happy with – and maybe you’ve thrown out your fat clothes, because some IGNORANT Diet Guru told you that would keep you motivated, your body is still in “saving your life” mode. You go back to “normal eating”, but probably still not eating a lot of the foods you now think are “the devil” (my daughter’s description of potato chips). But mysteriously…. you start seeing numbers increasing on that scale. (KILL YOUR SCALE!!).

Mistakenly Blaming Yourself

Nature is working as it should, and you WILL regain that lost weight and probably go upwards past your weight set point. But the Diet Gurus will tell you that you cheated. You ate too much, you were lazy and didn’t exercise enough. Well, DON’T BELIEVE THEM. Because your self-blame and body hatred will just increase the stress you are feeling and doubly affect your thoughts, mood and metabolism and make matters worse. After all, stress alone can damage your metabolism!

And after a while, you’ll just go back on another diet and get stuck in the same revolving door cycle as before. All while spending your money enriching these Diet Gurus who are laughing all the way to the bank.

Fat doctor tells the truth

Ready for a Fat Anti-Diet Guru?

Look, it's hard to get over the desperation to be thin. You're fooled by a society that reveres thinness and tells you that you are ugly and sick if you are fat. But this is doubly untrue. It is a culture that has been brainwashed by greedy Diet Industry gurus who make money on making you miserable. Unbiased research will show you that you are no more likely to get diseases or Covid-19 than thin people. Statistics have been mutilated and research improperly done to show results to make you fear being fatter than thin people. 

The real problem causing weight gain

is the Diet Epidemic!


You’ll know you are cured from diet obsession when you are ready to listen to and learn from an HONEST fat anti-diet guru who will tell you the truth. If you are lucky enough to listen while you are still relatively “normal” sized, you can prevent yourself from gaining even more weight that won’t come off.

You may be very unhappy to hear facts about how dieting and exercising is a myth. But it’s the truth. A heavy Anti-Diet guru can also show you how to test your metabolism to see if you have “functional” hypothyroid. They can show you how to reverse that condition by eating more and exercising less. I know, it sounds crazy…. but there is tons of evidence to show you why this is so.

And an Anti-diet expert who has gone through it herself can also show you a way to use stress relief to stop hating yourself and your body…. to use sleep and relaxation to show your body that you don’t need to stay in starvation mode. (Let’s talk and see if I’m the right person to help you) Until that happens, you have about a 2-5% chance to get into that magical group of people who lose weight and keep it off. I certainly don’t want to mislead you to tell you that this will help you lose and MAINTAIN weight loss. NO GUARANTEES.

This woman is an Emotional eating is caused by dieting and restricting "bad" food

Restricted Diets Cause Binging

Are you an emotional eater? Do you binge? I bet you never binge on broccoli! When you are under the effects of stress or your inhibitions have lowered (a bit of wine, pot, or something else) that’s when you go for the comfort food, or the “bad” food you have tried to avoid. That’s another huge reason that diets fail. Until you manage your stress by substituting another way of dealing with it, you will continue to use food as your drug of choice. After you finish stuffing yourself, you feel even worse from the guilt. That’s another reason never to diet or claim that a particular food is “bad”.

Lots of women are trying “intentional eating” (mindful eating) believing, because the Diet Gurus are slender, that they too, will lose weight. Unless that guru tells you that is NOT the goal of mindful eating,  and that it is NOT a weight loss program, you are actually just trying another diet that won’t give you permanent weight loss, or any weight loss at all. In fact, some people do GAIN weight while eating mindfully. Until you start seeing Fat Mindful-Eating Gurus, it’s just another rabbit hole you will pay for both with your money and with ultimate disappointment.

Serenity Prayer for Dieters

I’m not lying or misleading you like other Diet Gurus are so happy to do. I want you to know the truth. Once you have gained weight, it’s going to be almost impossible to lose and maintain that weight loss. Only about 2-5 percent of people manage it.

I believe, IF you don’t have thyroid problems, IF you learn to relax and have a stress relief program you follow daily, IF you get adequate sleep, IF you eat enough and often enough, and if your weight isn’t the result of genetics, you increase your chances of getting into that metabolic zone where it’s possible to SLOWLY lose weight and maintain it. But your best chances are if your mind is focused on being happy and healthy- and not related to your weight. You must throw away your scale and any thoughts of good food or avoiding "bad" foods.

woman smashing her scale to stop dieting

Do the things that give you joy, and give away your special talents and skills that you can share with others. Then any weight loss is a natural offshoot of taking care of yourself (and helping others). Be happy and accept yourself as you would if you are tall or short, fat or thin (for men- have hair or are bald).

You can do it- signature


Diet Industry lies

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