researchers say Mediterranean diet is healthiest

Findings Prove Researchers are Morons

Are you stressed from reading media information telling you that if you're obese or heavy that you are going to die from a variety of diseases? Well, find out why you should IGNORE most of these studies! 

A long term study epidemiological study tracked 19,000 people for four years to see if eating the Mediterranean Diet would have a protective effect on developing heart disease. Their findings were very important. But their conclusions convinced me that the researchers were either morons or completely blind to what was right in front of them. They found that the Mediterranean Diet did have the ability to lower heart disease, but primarily only in one group of the subjects.

They found that the diet was more effective on college educated people who were economically well-off. The subjects were essentially eating the same diet, did the same amount of exercise, were not smoking cigarettes, and yet only the richer participants had less heart disease. What did the researchers conclude from this study you may ask? ….

The researcher concluded that these people bought more expensive wine and food. ARE THEY KIDDING??? They couldn’t figure out that the economically challenged people had MORE STRESS in their lives?? Even the exercise didn’t make that difference in developing heart disease in this study.

Furthermore, there was no consideration about the difference between correlation and causation in the statistical analysis!  Essentially you can find anything you want with manipulation of statistics.

Here's a flawed method to assess the level of fat in your body: BMI is really Baseless Misleading Information!  

Stress In Life Affects Your Weight

This exemplifies how the Diet Industry does research. Blame weight issues and health on ANYTHING other than the real cause: STRESS.

doctor ignore lost arm & focus on weight instead

Deepak Chopra once said: "you can eat the healthiest foods, but under stress they turn to poison in your body."

Want to be healthy? Either you have to figure out a way to make a lot of money (in a job that’s not stressful), or have a practice of on stress relief.

Recent Study Backs Up My Conclusion

A recent study shows that being rich buys NINE extra years of healthy living comparing those people in the US and UK. This study showed the serious impacts of wealth inequality in comparing people in the UK and US. Even though life expectancy has risen over the past century new evidence is showing that life expectancy is actually falling in the US. It is not falling, but leveling out in the UK.

Previous research has shown that Americans are worse off. Why, you might ask? The health systems are completely different in these two countries. In the US your health is pretty much determined by your wealth and if you can afford and have access to health care. Although people in the US are calling for "Medicare for All" their belief that this will give them affordable health care is flawed. There are still extra costs for pharmaceuticals, dental, eye-glasses and hearing aids in the US.

Less economically fortunate people living with Medicare still have problems paying for services and live with the stress of deciding whether to pay for medications or rent. They can still go bankrupt with "Medicare for all" in the US. People need to be educated to realize what they need is Universal Health care- not Medicare that only covers a small portion of health care needs.

It is still very possible that people cannot afford these extra costs in the US, whereas they are provided for ALL in the UK. This study, I believe supports my conclusion about the impact of economic stress on health and even the length of your life.

How to Know if the Stress Relief You are Doing Works

If you want to live a happier, healthier and longer life, stress relief has to be a planned and practiced activity. But how do you know if what you’re doing is actually helping you? You need a way to learn whether your body and mind are actually becoming calm and if  your practice is effective. Otherwise you really never know if what you're doing is actually helping your stress levels!

Biofeedback (type of device) For Stress Relief

If you say that you "can't" meditate it's because your mind wanders. Minutes go by and you're thinking about what you're going to have to buy to make for dinner. Then all of a sudden, you realize that you're not doing the stress relief. That's exactly why you need feedback that keeps you focused!

EmWave and the InnerBalance devices are similar to biofeedback. They both give you an auditory and visual signal when you are changing your heart rate variability (not just slowing down your heart, but making the beat to beat changes more “organized”). That’s one of the methods used in a lie-detector test to figure out if you are feeling stressed, and probably lying!

If you want to KNOW that the stress relief practice you are doing is actually working, I recommend getting one of these terrific devices from HeartMath – I’ve been using mine for over ten years – and I rarely get sick. It’s even helped me to deal with some really scary news that could have stressed me out, and made me feel miserable – because I’ve become a lot more resilient to stress.

Lots of people are feeling stressed out from the news right now. Especially when you read what moron researchers come up to tell you about why one diet works better- because someone spends more money on wine!!

One of the stress relief methods I recommend is not watching the news and torturing yourself with things you can’t change. And when you practice with the Inner Balance (for your iPhone and Android) or the Emwave- (a small version), you WILL feel the weight lifting off you – but you just can’t do it when you’re feeling lousy…. set aside time – even 5 minutes can be a big help!

Eat Well and Practice Stress Relief

Love yourself like your dog loves you- thin/fat – tall/short – young/old….. it matters not.

Nurture yourself with good food, AND do the stress relief!

Take my QUIZ to see why you may have a weight issue. And you will find answers that definitely contradict what the diet industry and the medical industry has used to gaslight you!

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