Today’s guest post if from Dr. Samantha Joseph. We met through our discovering our common beliefs about health and weight. Here’s her blog!  I know you’ll enjoy it~ Lianda


I’m Dr. Samantha Joseph, I work in the realm of spiritual healing/energetic counseling.  Spiritual Healing is a healing experience for improving physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.  I work remotely as well as in person as there are no limitations to how energy moves.

I’m formally trained in Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, and have studied with a variety of healers. I am an empath and have the ability to feel energy patterns in someone whether in my presence or at a distance. I am blessed with the ability to direct energy to help others process what is going on in their life and shift it.

I assist clients in maintaining or regaining a state of health by helping them reconnect to Source energy that flows through all living things by “consciously addressing “dis”-ease to avoid or dissolve disease.”

Each disease has it’s own energetic imprint allowing it to take hold.  These consciousness states behind each disease are similar with their pattern reflecting what is bothering you whether at a conscious or subconscious level.   This is the focus of my work.  Releasing these patterns changes your life for the better influencing your physical body in miraculous ways.

If you are unconsciously holding onto negative thoughts about yourself, know it is absolutely possible to free yourself from them.  The manifesting results in your life are a reflection of these thoughts.  They are identifiable through spiritual healing.

Whether it be:  you are craving for the sweetness of life and so blood sugar issues arise, you can’t stop saying bad things about another and have bad teeth, you feel not safe in your body or resent it and so you gain weight, or you don’t want to look within and be alone with your own thoughts so you lose your hearing,  I suggest you look at your individual avoidance mechanism before it manifests disease.  These ideas go on and on.  You are the only thinker in your head; you can clear old false beliefs.  I can teach you how to remove an old pattern so that your entire being will change, symptoms can go away.

My mission statement is “Consciously Disperse Dis-Ease to Avoid or Dissolve Disease.” I can feel people’s energy patterns within their body when I am in a state of compassion and they allow me to help them. I assist you in becoming conscious of your false beliefs if you are unaware of them.  I use my innate gifts as a healer to help you recognize the beliefs and remove them from you through what may be called a directed prayer state.  You can learn these techniques and adapt them to how you process.  Once learned, you can process your own false beliefs.  All the talking in the world cannot extricate a false belief, but you can start to feel yourself shift as patterns are cleared with the use of the spiritual healing techniques I apply.

photo of Dr. Samantha Joseph


“I was angry with my Father and hadn’t spoken to him in 6 months.   I called Dr. Samantha, who is almost 2,000 miles away, to assist in guiding me through healing this rift. She listened and helped me to see the larger picture.  I calmed down, and became meditative.  In this state I was able to pray love and forgiveness into my Father, individualized for my particular situation.  Dr. Samantha worked as she does to clear the patterns within me. While we did this, I paid special attention to my body and felt unnecessary patterns of fear, anger and pride that I had stored inside myself melt away.” Sincerely Thankful, CJ(Washington)



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