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Does your scale go up & down like a yo-yo?


Are you on a diet, and surprised because you’re not losing weight? Maybe you’ve heard the expression, “plateau”, meaning that your body is stuck where it is. Diet plans don’t talk about what to do if you’ve plateaued and can’t lose anymore weight. That’s because you are fighting nature when you go on a diet. A plateau is your body’s attempt to save you from starving. Instead of being any at your body, and blaming yourself, you can change your mindset, and be grateful that your body is protecting you!

It’s paradoxical, and hard to believe that despite under- eating and hardly eating at all, that your weight won’t budge. That’s because we’ve all been brainwashed. We’ve been led to believe that you get overweight from over-eating. But the truth is, it’s actually the reverse!

Overweight people generally don’t feel too great about their body. You may have been teased, insulted, or put down when you were a child. Those memories get stuck in your subconscious mind, and make you feel like you are not good enough the way you are. That mindset tells your body that it’s not “safe”. It’s a stressful mindset, and your body responds by protecting you, literally by making you “thick-skinned”. Your subconscious mind is literal.

Stress has two major factors in weight gain

Chronic stress changes your biology, and re-prioritizes all functions in your body to favor fight or flight, the classic response to stress. You don’t need to be digesting your food when you are trying to escape from a predator, and all of the functions that don’t help you run away are slowed.

Your stress is probably not about escaping from being lunch, but dealing with:

  • economic problems,
  • work problems,
  • relationship difficulties,
  • being overly responsible,
  • too busy,
  • having a disease, or frequent illness,
  • being a caregiver,
  • poor sleep,
  • or anything else that is bothering you.

Stress is supposed to be a fast occurrence that ends quickly. But modern society it’s a chronic continuing problem. And the evidence of stress is belly fat.

The Other major effect of stress is that people use food for comfort

In fact, there’s even a term for the food you eat when it from emotional eating: comfort food.

It comes from early conditioning that linked treats you received as a young child when you were “good”. You were given a cookie. And later in life food becomes associated with acceptance and love. So you use food like a drug for unhappiness, not for hunger.

The fact is, dieting is a losing proposition if you are stressed: because your metabolism is slow, and you are using food to comfort yourself. If you manage to lose some weight, it’s just a matter of time for it to sneak back. That’s your body doing its job!

How then, can you lose weight?

You need to transform your mindset, and break out of your subconscious beliefs that you are not safe. You also need to consciously eat food for hunger and nurturing yourself, so your body KNOWS that you are NOT starving! And that means eating MORE! But doing it mindfully.

Learn how to transform your mindset, and start getting to the weight you desire!

Find out how your subconscious beliefs & diet myths keep you overweight, and how to break through for health and weight management – without ever dieting. 

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