thinning hair in women

your hairline may recede – just like a man’s

Do you have thinning hair? When you take a shower, do globs of hair come out in your hands? Do you worry when you brush your hair and it seems like you are losing a lot of hair – so much that you worry about if you are going bald?

Women spend so much time and money on having beautiful hair. We even describe our day by whether it is a “good hair day” or a “bad hair day”. Your hair is one of your most  prominent features, and the way people remember what you look like. When your hair is falling out it is STRESSFUL! It effects your self-confidence and your self-esteem!

That’s one of the reason that hair loss is one of the most frightening things that can happen to a woman. Sure, men lose their hair, and it’s normal (but not always!). But is it normal for a woman to have thinning hair?

What about thinning eyebrows? Have you lost the outer 1/3 area of your eyebrows? Can you look back at photos of you when your hair, and your eyebrows were both full? What was your weight and health like then?

Actually, thick hair is a measure of good health and youthfulness and a strong metabolism. When a woman’s metabolism is strong, her hair is generally thick and shiny. But when your metabolism has been affected by illness or stress, it can make your hair fall out.

Buying products to thicken your hair, or make your eyebrows look full is a waste of your money. You are not addressing the real problem – and you’ll have to continue buying those products for the rest of your life!

One of the things that slows down your metabolism is chronic dieting, or chronic under-eating. So many women are on a “permanent diet” because they want to lose weight, or are dissatisfied with their body. When you under-eat it actually slows down your metabolism. If you have just gone on just one diet, this will probably not slow down your metabolism, but if you are always “watching” what you eat, and not eating enough, you can damage your metabolism. Hair loss is just one of the symptoms of a slow metabolism. And believe it or not, it’s a MINOR problem of a slow metabolism. There are many areas of your health that are negatively effected by a slow metabolism.

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