dieting to lose weight is like hitting your head against a wall to get rid of a headacheAfter decades of dieting, I finally learned the truth of why diets fail, people don’t fail! The Diet Industry, run by diet clinics, and overly thin women with their own eating disorders, are trying to make you feel like you a failure: lacking discipline, lazy and somehow psychologically flawed because THEIR diet doesn’t work for you. Well join the crowd of 95{5b8e831512cf0c284f7edae7fc403e9a09e5b1736c5b1d60e4451a29dc064ebe} of people who have gone on every diet plan and still gain the weight back. Stop hating yourself and blaming your body for being NORMAL! Stop beating your head against the wall to get rid of a headache!  Diets are the REAL problem!

NO- There is no miracle diet that will get you to be thin – and keep you that way. That’s not how your body works, and the Diet Industry sure doesn’t want you to figure that out! But this book will tell you the “skinny”. It will test the level of how the brainwashing has captured your mind, and challenge you to look at the world of dieting in a totally different way.

Once you learn the “ground zero” causation for weight gain, you will finally be able to start recovering from diet addiction, and eating for health. And no, this is NOT a diet plan, a new way to make you lose 40 pounds in a month. Because I won’t lie to you; and want to save you from the torture of deprivation and misery of chronic dieting.

Honestly, you have to be ready to “hear” this message. I have had comments from women who refuse to believe that dieting will not get them to their goal weight. They have a negative body image, and their stress is also sabotaging their ability to lose weight. They get angry at me because I’m not giving them the miracle diet answer that they are desperate to find.

Intentionally cutting your calories and exercising for hours is not the answer. In fact, dieting like this only increases your chance of yo-yo-ing up to a higher weight when you regain the weight. And it’s NOT your fault. When you are ready to accept the truth, you will stop falling for the misleading, and outright Diet Industry lies that keep you on a permanent diet, otherwise called a “lifestyle change”. You might as well lock yourself in prison and throw away the key if you are ready to stop eating the food you love, and constantly running on a treadmill like a trapped rat.

My Best Selling Kindle book, now available on Amazon will free you from dieting, and will change your life. Just read it with an open mind and self-love in your heart, and you will see!


If you have lost weight and regained it – did you blame yourself? Please answer below.

ps- you don’t need a kindle to read the book. Here’s an app to read it on your computer:

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