Is your weight stuck and you can't lose anymore?

Is your weight stuck?

I couldn’t understand why every time I went on a diet, I’d lose weight for a short time, and then it would stop. I felt like my weight was stuck, and I couldn’t lose any more! The Diet Industry called it a plateau, and insisted that you just had to eat less and exercise more. But I was already eating so little, that it meant that I was eating less than a baby was “allowed” to eat.

Dieting was the beginning of my weight problems. I didn’t have anorexia nervosa, or bulimia. But I was always wanting to look different than I did- I was a size 10, and athletic. When I went on a diet, I would lose a little weight, and then it stopped pretty fast. In frustration of starving and avoiding all the foods I loved, and STILL not losing weight, I’d finally give in, and go back to eating “normally”. For me, that was skipping breakfast, having a yogurt for lunch, and then a dinner. And sure, I did have chocolate or cookies- but just a little. Certainly not as much as my thin friend Yolanda ate all the time- without ever gaining weight.

I was on a diet for decades. I was addicted to dieting- not carbs. I was sure that my thyroid gland wasn’t working, because how could anyone eat so little, and still not lose weight?? I finally learned there was nothing the matter with me. My body was actually healthy. It was slowing down my metabolism to keep me from starving to death.

But the Diet Industry doesn’t want you to know this, and many other important facts about dieting. Because once you know these facts, you will no longer buy their products, diet plans, diet supplements, exercise programs, or any other Miracle Diet. Because you will finally understand, that THEY ARE LYING and don’t care about you or your health. DIETS Don’t Work. In fact, diets are the reason that people gain weight!

It’s time that you learn the complete story about the greed from these “Obesity experts” who want your money, and will tell you anything they think you want to hear to get it.  Diet Industry Lies that Make Your Gain Weight is available on Kindle- but you don’t need a Kindle to read it. Click here to get a free app so you can read it on your iPad, computer or smart phone.

Freeing yourself from an addiction to dieting is a difficult thing to do. But it will change your life, your health and your sanity. You can do it- it begins with knowing the facts!


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