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Miracle Diet Plans, Pills and Supplements Will ALL Fail

You may want to lose weight, and have trouble sticking to your reduced calorie, rabbit food diet. So when you see an ad for a “New Miracle” drug to control your appetite, you order it. Maybe you find yourself eating less (could it be the placebo effect?) and perhaps you even dropped some weight. BUT…

Are you planning on staying on this drug –

  • that’s probably speeding up your heart
  • making it tough to sleep
  • perhaps affecting your digestion/elimination
  • keeping your weight down only as long as you keep swallowing the pills!
  • costing you a small fortune every month

The fact is, you DON’T need these supplements, and probably would prefer to lose body weight more than the weight of money in your wallet! There IS a better way! 

Your BODY has an inborn system to help you control your appetite. It’s called HUNGER! But if you’ve been chronically dieting, you’ve probably disrupted that system, and are out of touch with your body’s signals of hunger and thirst. 

Also, if you find yourself mindlessly eating as a response to boredom, anger, or another emotion, you are not eating because you are hungry. Many people eat because the clock tells them it’s time to eat – not their stomach!

Before you eat, make sure you check in with your stomach, and your head. Use food to nurture yourself, because you DESERVE to eat what you desire, and what your body needs to keep you happy and healthy! But don’t “Waist The Taste” – by eating something you don’t like, or eating when your heart is empty. Do something to deal with your emotional needs that doesn’t revolve around food – because it’s really NOT comforting!   

Want to learn how to put the things you “WANT to Do” into action, and stop feeling like you are addicted, or unable to resist cravings? My new Mentabolism Makeover Intensive Program does just that! Stop trying to depend on your Will and Won’t Power: There’s a better way that WORKS to stop cravings, and the misery of deprivation. And you don’t have to take a pill, or a supplement for the rest of your life! 






Please share your experience: What diet have you been on that has failed? And did you blame yourself?  Comment below

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