Holiday Party Filled With Delicious Food

Eating strategies for the holiday season to prevent weight gain:

Choice 1:

Decide how much of every kind of food you will eat ahead of time. Write it down on a check-list. Take small dishes and put your portion there. Eat that food and drink, and nothing else. Go home and exercise until you are ready to drop. Feel deprived, like life is unfair…. disgusted with your body.

Choice 2.

Pick the food you want to eat. Put it on a small dish. Eat it slowly, mindfully. Enjoy your food. If you are in a conversation, stop eating, and pay attention to the conversation. If you like what you are eating, enjoy it. If not, discard it, and choose something else. Eat until you are satiated. Feel happy, fulfilled and appreciate that your body tells you EXACTLY how much to eat by telling you when you are full – WHEN you pay attention to it and listen.

Movie Star Diets 

attractive or anorexic?

Attractive or anorexic?

You can read every diet plan from every famous movie star, and how it worked for them. But just remember, their lives are about what they look like. YOURS is about YOUR contribution to the world – and it much more than JUST what you look like.

Movie stars can afford personal trainers, cooks, and others to MAKE THEM focus on forcing themselves into a very restrictive regime… for a while. Then watch as they get older, and their body can’t put up with the constant stress and deprivation. They gain the weight that they fought so hard to keep off through constant vigilance and work. Look at poor Oprah for instance.

YOUR Choice

You have a choice. You can learn to eat like a naturally “thin” and healthy person. They eat when they’re hungry, stop when they are full, enjoy treats, and don’t use food to stuff their feelings, anger, frustration or boredom. In other words, they eat like a baby. Eat what you want, stop when you’re full. Play with your food, and don’t stick it in your mouth unless you are hungry, and want to eat it!

Exercise becomes play, instead of a “must” or an obligation. You can focus on what’s important in your life- not just your physical appearance. And do you know what happens? Your weight takes care of itself! No drama, no beating your body into submission. And no re-gaining the weight that you bounce up and down, like a yo-yo.

So, what’s YOUR choice? You are more than a number on a scale. Always remember than, and your weight challenge will slowly become a thing of the past.

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